over again

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  • Published: 16 May 2017
  • Updated: 16 May 2017
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"What the hell Harry! Why in the bloody hell would you do this to me!" I yelled in complete and utter shock. "We are supposed to get married in a week! One week Harry! Ashley it's not what it looks like. These are not another woman's undergarments. Then who's are they then? They are yours baby. It was supposed to be an early wedding present, but you ended up finding them while i was trying to wrap them, so surprise. Don't pull that rubbish on me Harry!"


3. spaces -Ashley's p.o.v-

"WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO HER! YOU FUCKEN SCUMBAG!" I hate when Niall yells. Something inside of me always wants to hide behind something when he goes off like this. It's truly a scary sight to see. "Niall! What the hell are you doing?! Quite fucking yelling!" I yell. He didn't listen. He kept yelling. He was about to swing at harry so i stepped in. Crack! "FUCK!!" I feel a searing pain on the left side of my jaw. "Get the Hell away from her!" I hear Harry yell. His husky voice deep and full of worry as he bent down to pick me up. "Baby are you ok? Yea....Just in a lot of pain." I stand up with the help of Harry. "Why in the hell would you try and hit my fiance! how could you do that!" I hear the door open and see Louis standing there. "Oh my god! Ashy poo! Are you ok?" He runs over to me and wraps his arms around me. "Yea. What the hell happened? Well Niall started going off at Harry and i told him to stop. He didn't listen and so as he was about to swing at him i stepped in and he punched me right in the jaw. Ashley. I'm so sorry!" I hear Niall say as he begins to cry. "Why would you do this? I mean after all you didn't listen to the entire story. What do you mean. I mean if you would have just listened instead of dragging me off to pick a fight with Harry you would have understood! Well go ahead and tell me then. Ok so Louis helped clear the air so thanks Boo Bear. You're welcome love. ok so i thought Harry was cheating on me with another girl cause i saw him handling a bra and a pair of pants that were not mine. Louie asked me what they had looked like so i explained and he told me that he helped Harry pick those out as a post wedding present." I look over at Harry who had a tear making its way down his check. "I'm so sorry babe. I shouldn't have reacted the way i did but i was scared that you actually did cheat on me. Ash, i would never do that to you. Never in a million years. You know me and when i thought i had lost you for good my world began to fall apart." I had never felt this in love before. It's like time stops when we are together. "I wrote a song for you baby girl. Wait, you did what. i wrote a song for you that i want to sing to you now. But what about Liam? I'm right here lil sis. I turn around and see Liam standing in the doorway with a huge smile painted across his face. He has always called me lil sis since i first met him when i was still with Louis. Some things just never change. 


**sorry about how short this one is.**

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