over again

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  • Published: 16 May 2017
  • Updated: 16 May 2017
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"What the hell Harry! Why in the bloody hell would you do this to me!" I yelled in complete and utter shock. "We are supposed to get married in a week! One week Harry! Ashley it's not what it looks like. These are not another woman's undergarments. Then who's are they then? They are yours baby. It was supposed to be an early wedding present, but you ended up finding them while i was trying to wrap them, so surprise. Don't pull that rubbish on me Harry!"


14. signs of the time -Harry's p.o.v-

It's been three months since she first went into a coma. Every day I pray that she will wake up and everything will be just fine. But with each passing day my hope grew thinner and thinner. I used to never pray before. But when you sit there and watch the love of your life do nothing but lay there slowly dying, you begin to hope and pray. The doctor came in a two months ago and said that they isolated the cancer and treated it to an extent and that if she wakes up then she could possibly be cancer free. He gave me some hope that day. Louis had been here as well. He hasn't left since we brought her three months ago. Her dad came the day after she got here. He was tore up. I felt bad for him. Niall has been coming in and out with his mum. They guys have been sticking around and staying every so often. I grab my phone out of my back pocket as it lights up.

~Mum: Hey sweetie, how are you doing? I'm sorry i couldn't make it to see Ashley yesterday. It was a very busy day and the traffic was real bad leading out of town. Gemma is gonna try to come up there today. She really wants to see Ashley. When i told her what happened she dropped her phone and fell to the ground crying. She really loves Ashley Harry. I love you hun, i'll try to come with Gemma tonight if i can.

~Me: I'm doing ok i guess. a little better than i was doing a few day ago. I miss her so much mum. I really do. I hate not being able to do anything for her. All i do is sit here and watch her slowly die. She Flat lined for a good minute before they brought her back the other day. All i remember is Louis holding me back so that the nurses and doctors could do their thing. I'll message Gemma in a few to see if she's still coming cause if she is i need her to stop by the house and grab some stuff for me. I know she loves her mum. It hurts me to see Gemma in this much agony. I love you to mum. i'll see you if you come up here with sis. Love you Lots.

~Mum: Ok sweetie. I'll talk to you soon. I talked to your sister and we are gonna come up there for a few nights. We will be heading out in a little bit. What do you need from the house? We will stop by and grab it for you if you'd like.

~Me: Yea i don't mind. Can you grab me my note book, a pen, the blanket on the end of the bed that has the picture of Ashley and i printed onto it, and a change of clothes. 

~Mum: Ok Hun. We will grab them on out way up. Gemma wants you to message her in a few. She didn't tell me why though. I love you Harry and I'll see you in a bit. 

~Me: Ok. I will give her a shout in a few. I love you to mum. See you guys in a bit. 

I put my phone back in my pocket as Louis wakes up. "Harry has the doctors came in yet?" He rubbed his eyes trying to wake up more. "No not yet. Hey im going down to get some coffee. Do you want a cup? No. If they have tea could you get me a cup. Yea. Sugar? Yea two cubes. Ok I'll be back in a few. Oh by the way Gemma and My mum are coming to stay a few nights. Ok ill let then have the couch when they get here. You are to sweet." I say in a cutesy tone as i walk out the door. We do have those moments where we laugh but they usually never last long. Then it's back to wishing she was awake and none of this ever happened. I press the down button on the elevator and stand back. I take out my phone. One missed call and one message. I unlock my phone and see who called. Ashley's mum. I call her back. "Hey sweetie. How are you doing?" Her voice was soft. "I'm doing better. Wish she wasn't in a coma. I know hun. We do to." I step inside and hit the ground floor button. Cant wait to get a cup of coffee. "How has she been doing. Any news from the doctor about when she might wake up? No but i do have some news. Go ahead dear. Are you sitting down? Yes.." Her voice became low and full of sorrow. "A few days ago she flat lined for about a minute. Oh my god! Is she ok? Is she dead? Please tell me she is still breathing. Mum i need you to calm down. Ashley is fine. They got her stable again. Niall still hasn't been around. Its been three weeks." My voice became low. "I know he dislikes me and all, but i wish he could put that aside for now and just be there for her. I know dear. He is denial still. He doesn't want to believe that she might die. They have been best friends since the day Ashley was born. I remember when Niall was just a wee little thing and we brought His sister home for the first time. Niall instantly fell in love with the idea of being a big brother. Even though he was only one at the time he still always acted tough any time someone would come around his little sister." Wow. So he's been this way since they were Itty bitty. No wonder he had been so dam protective. It's all he knows how to do. I bet he would beat up all the guys who broke her heart when she was growing up. "Hey sorry to cut this short deary but Niall just came in. Ill keep you updated on what's going on. Thanks. Bye." I hang up the phone and then go to my messages. I hear a ding and then the door opens on the second floor. A few people walk in and hit the first floor. I read the message.

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