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  • Published: 16 May 2017
  • Updated: 16 May 2017
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"What the hell Harry! Why in the bloody hell would you do this to me!" I yelled in complete and utter shock. "We are supposed to get married in a week! One week Harry! Ashley it's not what it looks like. These are not another woman's undergarments. Then who's are they then? They are yours baby. It was supposed to be an early wedding present, but you ended up finding them while i was trying to wrap them, so surprise. Don't pull that rubbish on me Harry!"


17. Love you goodbye Part 2: slow motion -Louis's p.o.v-

I dropped my phone and in that moment i hoped to god he meant he was sorry for making me leave. I quickly get dressed. I dry my hair and brush it as i put on a blue pair of toms and run out the door. I can't believe this! I should have stayed. I knew something bad like this would have happened if i left but i let every one talk me into leave. I rush to the hospital as fast as i could. i hit two red traffic lights on the way there. I was so caught up in trying to arrive as fast as i could that i almost ran a stop sign. That would have been really bad. I turn into the parking lot of the hospital and park my car. I run inside and sign back in. I didn't want to waist time waiting on the elevator so i ran up the stairs to the second floor. I push through people standing the hall trying to get to her room. The tears stained my shirt as they fell. "ASHLEY!" I yell running up to her room. Liam steps in front of me and holds me back. "What are you sorry for?" I ask "For not telling you this..." He steps away and reveals Ashley sitting up and eating. "BABY GIRL!" I yell running up to her and pulling her into my arms. "I thought i lost you when Liam called. All he said was im sorry." She wipes the stray tears away and smiles. "I love you Louis." She smiles. "Harry needs to talk to you." She says kissing my cheek. I walk out of the room and turn to the left to see Harry standing there with Anne and Gemma. "Hey what do you need." I say approaching them. "Liam told me everything." My heart began to race. "I just can't believe you right now. I thought you were my friend. I even made you my best man! Harry wait a second and let me explain. No there is no explaining you took advantage of- No he didn't!" I hear Ashley yell as she walks out. He looks at her with anger slowly appearing on his face. "I can't believe you would try to lie to save his ass! HARRY!" She yells at the top of her lungs. Her accent was very noticeable. "Then what happened in the bathroom at the hotel three months back? I heard the crashing." She looks at me. Her sea green eyes were becoming watery. "Don't go off on her. She wasn't the one who initially cheated on you." Anger became rage as he looked at her. "Oh so there was cheating! I did hear that right..right?! Let me fucking explain!" I yell trying to get his attention. You knew we still had feeling for each other and you let it go. But when something like this happens you blow up. That was three months ago. She wasn't expecting to live. That's why we kept it a secret. I mean come on dude. But when the doctor said she might survive i knew it would have to stop and i planned on telling her when she woke up from the coma." I look over at Ashley who was crying. "I never meant to ruin what you two had Harry, but the doctor said she only had three weeks to live and that's why we did it. She was willing to take the secret to her grave and so was i. If the doctor had said she wasn't  going to die it would have never happened and you have my word on that. She just felt safe with me." I look at Harry who had a tear running down his cheek. "Ashley, this stops now. I'm sorry but we can only be friends and nothing more." She looks up at me. She was about to speak but i cut her off at the last second. "Please forgive me for doing this." I give her one last hug and walk away. "LOUIS NO!" Tears consistently fell one after the other down my face as i walked into the elevator and hit the ground floor button. My world is falling apart and i can't do a dam thing about it cause this is what needs to be done. I hope she will forgive me. Her scream for me echoed throughout the walls of my mind as i stood there waiting to get off. I stared blankly off into space as more and more people kept getting on and off. The elevator finally got to the ground floor and i got off and walked out the entrance of the hospital. I looked back with the slightest bit of hope that she would be running out of the entrance after me begging me to stop. But that slightest bit of hope shattered as i got into my car and left. "Please forgive me for what i had to do Ashy." 

**sorry for the short chapter. I know it is not as long as the others but it was still packed drama c: 

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