over again

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  • Published: 16 May 2017
  • Updated: 16 May 2017
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"What the hell Harry! Why in the bloody hell would you do this to me!" I yelled in complete and utter shock. "We are supposed to get married in a week! One week Harry! Ashley it's not what it looks like. These are not another woman's undergarments. Then who's are they then? They are yours baby. It was supposed to be an early wedding present, but you ended up finding them while i was trying to wrap them, so surprise. Don't pull that rubbish on me Harry!"


7. Changes into something red -Ashley's p.o.v-

 "I dare you to take off-" I hear the slamming of a door and then a familiar voice. Oh shit! "Go with Louis. He'll take you to our secret rendezvous spot. I'll met you there in an hour!" I hear Harry yell as Louis picks me up and runs out the back gate heading towards his car. He gently shoves me in the left side and runs to the drivers side. I shut my door as he starts the car and drives off. "Louis i want the wedding to get here all ready so Niall can't do this anymore! I know you do love but some things just never change." A few minutes later we are at the spot and i start counting down the minutes till i get to see Harry. "Let's park the car in the ally and go inside." Louis looks at me with this kind of guilty look. He shuts the car off as a tear makes its way down his cheek. "Boo bear whats wrong?" I look up at him as he wipes the tear away. "I should have never left you!" He quietly yells as we head into the hotel. They see us coming and opens a door with a strange looking key. To this day i still have never asked where that key came from. "You did what you had to Louis. I don't care if it was the worst decision you ever made but it was the right one in the end and that's all that matters." We step into a room that was painted a beautiful shade of blue and had one queen size bed. "Louis im going to take a nap, wake me up when Harry gets here. Ok hun sleep well and try not to worry to much. Harry can defend himself pretty well. I love you boo bear." He knew exactly what that meant cause he came over to me and lied down with me for a while. "Louis? Yea Ashley. Why did you leave me. I mean other than the story of how Harry new i was the one. Do you really want to know? Cause i'm going to totally honest with you if you say you do." I hesitated for a minute and then proceeded to say yes. "Your brother asked me one day before we got together when we were just friends if i liked you. I told him yes and that if i ever had the chance i would date you. He looked at me and was like i'll bring her to your house tomorrow night. Well when you guys never showed i got pissed and swore to myself that if Niall asks me to met you again i would say no. i didn't hear from you for months and i started to lose all hopes that you ever wanted to talk to me again. Then one day he told me he was sorry and that something came up with you and you had to be taken to the hospital. I hated the way i acted that night. I asked him if i could come see you and he all he did was smile. He said you wanted me to come to the hospital. We got there and all i could think of was you were on your death bed and didn't have much time left and that's why you wanted to see me after so many months of not talking to me. I had so many doubts going through my head. You have no idea i was a complete mess on the inside but kept it together for your sake. when i went into your room i completely lost it." His voice was real shaky as he tried to hold back the tears that were wanting to escape. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The day we got together. He did lose it and it makes me sad hearing the story over again cause he really did fucking care about me. "When i saw you hooked up to all the machines and I.V's in both arms i thought you only wanted me there to say goodbye. When i looked at you, you had a smile on your face as you asked me to come sit down beside you on the bed. In that moment i was afraid to ask you out but i was like i should live in the moment and so i did and asked you out. I was shocked that you said yes to be honest." I remember his expression as well. who could ever forget an expression like that. It was a goofy kinda shocked look. He was there beside me through it all. All the surgeries, chemo, even when i lost all my hair and had to wear a wig. he was truly my first love. And even though we are not together anymore those feelings are still there and always will be. "So lets skip through the three years and get to the part of why you broke up with me." He sighed as i looked up at him. "I don't want you to get mad at me Ashy. I won't Boo Bear, i promise." I lay my head on his chest and listened to the rhythm of his heart beat as he lay there silently holding me. "The reason i dumped you was cause Niall told me he was going to find a way to get you back to Ireland, no matter what the cost was,before Harry had a chance to get you. He said if i wouldn't dump you then i would lose you forever. So i broke your heart, and as i did i wanted so bad to just take you by the waist and push you up against the wall and kiss you, telling you that i wasn't the one who wanted you to leave." I sit up as i hear the door open. "HARRY! BABY!" I yell as i run over to him. I hear Louis get up and run over as well. "Who did this?!" Louis yelled. His face was all bloody and swollen. His left eye was black and blue, his nose looked broken and was gushing blood, and it looked like he had a cut on the left side of his jaw. "It was Niall." I hear the door open and Liam and Zayn were standing there. They were also beat up but not as bad. "I'm calling the police. I don't care if he is my brother! He crossed the line when he beat you guys up. I dial the number and get them on the phone. "Hello i am calling cause my brother, Niall Horan, beat up my fiance and two of my friends. Ok where are you guys. We are at the Holiday Inn Express in Doncaster. Is your brother there with you? No, i was taken away before the fight started by a friend who took me to the hotel. Ok, where is the house you guys were at? 30 South Parade, Bawtry, Doncaster, DN10 6JH. 

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