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  • Published: 16 May 2017
  • Updated: 16 May 2017
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"What the hell Harry! Why in the bloody hell would you do this to me!" I yelled in complete and utter shock. "We are supposed to get married in a week! One week Harry! Ashley it's not what it looks like. These are not another woman's undergarments. Then who's are they then? They are yours baby. It was supposed to be an early wedding present, but you ended up finding them while i was trying to wrap them, so surprise. Don't pull that rubbish on me Harry!"


24. Borderz -Ashley's p.o.v-

We get to his house a little after one in the morning. His house was gorgeous shade of midnight red, and even though it was only a one story house it was still big. He ended up falling asleep on the way down here. He is so cute when he sleeps. I shake his shoulder gently. "Babe we are here. Let's go up to bed. I am actually pretty tired myself." He rubs the sleep from his eyes and opens his door. He gets out and stretches. As i grab my purse and what bags we had, i see him walk around to the right side and open my door. "Thanks babe." He wraps his arm around my waist as we walk up the steps to his house. I unlock the door and we head in. It was so beautiful on the inside. He had pictures of his his sisters and his family up on the white and black hallway walls as we made our to the bedroom. His room was a dark shade of blue. The king sized bed was pushed up against the corner of his room and a large dresser was about a few inches away. "I'm going to bed babe." I say as i take my shirt and trousers off and put on one of his shirts. "Night babe." I say crawling under the black comforter. I feel him get into bed with me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him. I snuggle up to him as he whispers to me. "I love you Ashley and nothing will stop us from being together." His deep, raspy voice sent chills down my spine as he kept on whispering into my ear. "We got this love. I promise you that." He brushed away the hair that lay on my forehead and then kissed me before we both drifted soundly off to sleep.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I jolt awake as i hear an alarming sound. I shake Zayn awake. "Where the hell is that ear piercing sound coming from." I ask him as we both get up out of bed and walk towards the sound. We walk out of his bedroom and down the hall to the living room. It sounded like it was coming from outside but as we got closer to the window we noticed it was just his Phone going off. "Why the hell is your phone making that terrible sound." I ask as he unlocks it. "Because there is a tornado warning for our area." I look at him in confusion. It was very bright outside so i had no idea why there would be a warning. "How is that even possible? It's so fucking bright and sunny out." I open the curtain and we both shield our eyes as the sun beams in through the living room window.
Lets go, one way or another I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I'm gonna win ya I'll getcha, I'll getcha One way or another I'm gonna see ya I'm gonna metcha metcha metcha metcha One day, maybe next week I'm gonna metcha, I'll metcha
I run and grab my phone out of the room. I see Harry's Picture and instantly regret grabbing my phone. I slide it to the right and answer his call. "Where the hell are you Ashley? We have searched every where and can not find you. Please just come home." He wines into the phone. I can't believe him right now. "Why should i come home?" I say as i look at Zayn "So that you and Niall can ship me off to Ireland for god knows how long. No thank you" I say laughing hysterically. "Zayn is a bad fucking influence Ashl- Don't be a Niall Harry. Im 22 years old. I can handle myself. I mean after all Louis smoked with us as well so why not call him a bad fucking influence. Oh wait i forgot in you guys eyes he's a dam god. Goodbye Harry." I say with a stern tone. "Ashley wait i still nee- I say goodbye." I hang up the phone and throw it on the love seat next to where i was standing. I walk over to Zayn and wrap my arms around his waist. I lay my head against his back and inhale his aroma. Mmmm Axe Apollo. He turns around. He lifts my head up and looks into my eyes. His brown eyes always somehow mesmerize me, even though i have looked in them a million times. "Ashley Elaine Horan." He say's with a smile plastered on his face. "What Zayn?" I ask giggling. "I'm going to getcha!" He playfully yells as he begins tickling me. I break free from his grasp and run in to the bedroom. I look back for a split second and see him chasing after me. "Oh no you're not" I say laughing and grabbing a pillow off the bed. As he comes near me i hit him with it. "Hey not fair love." He squeals grabbing a pillow as well. I hit him again in the side and make a dash for the door. Just as i thought i was out of his reach he grabs my left wrist and pulls me towards him. He gently pushes me onto the bed. "I got you know hun." He laughs and pins my arms above my head. He kisses me softly as then slowly and teasingly trails kisses down my jaw bone and all over my neck. I moan as he leaves love bites everywhere. "I want you Zayn" I whisper in his ear. He teases me a little while longer then gets up. "Babe why did you stop." I playfully wine. "We have to go to the basement and check to see if the supplies is still down there. We are still having a tornado warning after all." I get up and follow him to the basement. I take out my phone to check the time. 4:30 pm in the evening. Dam. Let's see if the storm comes anytime soon. "We walk down the steps to the basement. "Watch your step love." He says as he helps me down the last step. I hear what sounded like a siren. "Babe what's that sound?" I ask a little nervous. "We head back upstairs and out the front door. It went from being very sunny to almost pitch black in a matter of like 20 minutes. "Go get some blankets and pillows Ashley and take them to the basement i will be right behind you with the food. I Hear the wind start to pick up as i run to the bedroom to get the pillows and blankets. The weather sure does have a mind of it's own. We end up meeting back at the door at the same time. I let him go first and then i follow him shutting the door behind me. "Zayn, if we die just know i will always love you even in the afterlife." I say as we huddle in the corner of the basement. The Wind was strong and could be heard even from the basement. "I love you Zayn." I say looking up at him. I rest my head on a pillow in his lap. Eventually i fell asleep
"Baby, wake up. It's over." I look up at him. "Did i sleep through it? Yes love. You slept through it." We get up and walk up the stairs. "We didn't get hit?" I ask as i look around the still in tact house. "No we didn't. It touched down about a half mile away from the house." He gives me a peck on the cheek. "I did some thinking while we were down there waiting the storm out and you were asleep. I think it is best if you leave"

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