life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


9. ....

i junped out of the bed and quickly put my hoodie jeans and socks on ''i ran downstairs and saw a note ''waiting in the car hurry -shawn'' i read out loud i leashed the dogs and put them in the car ''here we go boys'' i yelled putting my seat buckle on we drove for about an hour when we got there the truck was there i jumped out and ran to a house and ran inside claming it's mine i took all my boxes out the car and started un packing them i put all my hoodies on one side the shirts on the other some dresses on the top my jeans on the bottom my shoes too then i put all my bathroom stuff in my bathroom im happy i din't bring the razers i looked in the mirror and fixed my mop hair i got scrappy and bailey out the car and made them a little home in a room with two doors a cage  with a auto door i saw other cages in the room the other dog's must go there i ran outside and met the previous owner we talked abit and he decided to show me around ''so these are the horses a pregnant mare '' he showed me to a black mare she was small but very big obviously she has a foal growing in her ''here's the stallion'' he showed me a white stallion with a black maine and tail beautiful he showed me 2 other young stallions that have the colors of the mare and the stallion he showed me 3 big dogs 1 male dalmation 2 female border collies they where kinda skinny and week also looking back at the horses they looked abused i followed the guy to the sheep badly injured and abused again then the chikens better then the goats there ok but it's the sheep horses and dogs mostly the pregnant mare geez ''well im gonna get going thanks for bying the land and take good care of them '' i shook his hand and smiled as he drove of i ran to my house and grabbed some aid kits and ran to the sheep i knew i saw one bleeding bad and one with a broken leg i can't let them alone and scared i rounded the sheep inside and kept the injured ones i walked up to the sheep who was badly bleeding ''it's ok i want to help not hurt'' i took some suplies washed off the wound and was able to stitch it up one chance i took those vet classes i put a bandage on and decided to put it in a pen downstairs without any of the dogs there i left the sheep roam around he looked better alot better i walked to the broken leg one and examind ''only a break nothing that sirious'' i wrapped her leg in a cast and found mini halters for goats eh same thing i put it on them and walked them inside to a cage i put them in the cage and put some staw some hay grain everything they needed ''ill be back later'' i walked out and ran to the barn i heard a horse neigh i ran inside and found the mare on the floor ''shitz '' i got into the stall and got the foal i stayed with the mare for a while to make sure she's fine she was so nice ''im gonna call you gost rider'' i said petting the mares face i smiled ''and your's is eclipse '' i said petting the little mare they where buetiful i walked out the stall and went to the stallion ''and you it's travis''  i walked to the yougest ones ''dom and jam'' i pointed to dom a black horse whith a white mane and tail then jam to a white black spotted horse i left and went to cheack on the dogs goats and sheep to make sure there fine their not hurt at all nice i walked up to my room and fell asleep like yesterday fast

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