life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


8. ....

i got home with two dogs one crazy red red retriever and one very exited scrappy i opend the door and unleashed bailey and scrappy i think im becoming a crazy animal lady cuz i wanted another dog i want birds a cat or two a horse a cow and freeking lion everything i saw only jack up all the boys not there ''hey jack where are the boys '' i said he looked confused ''ill tell you but you have to anwser this why is there a red retriever '' he asked as bailey jumped on him ''that's bailey i got a buddy for springtrap '' he nodded ''ok so i decided to put  the boys in their beds '' i nodded and went to harry's room first ''HAZZA WAKE UP '' i yelled he jumped and ran to wake up the other boys ''almost 1 pm shitz'' i wisperd to myself ''hey boys living room now asap!!!!!'' i yelled then all jumped on the sofa i unleashed bailey and he jumped on them ''what are we doing here '' liam asked confused ''ok so i was thinking of buying a bigger house on a ginourmus land so shawn can have a place to do his music instead of his room we could all have houses next to each other and baisycly do anything we want to the land ''   i said getting bailey back ''let's do it  '' zayn said they all got up and serched for a big land i serched on my laptop and found a 100000000 feet land with 8 houses on it a music place a barn a stable that comes with cows chikens cats some dogs horses goats and sheep i looked at the pictures also a football field a soccer field race track for cars jump course for horses and a horse race track baisycly everything ''boys i found one and it's awsome'' they all ran into the room and looked i looked up at them they where smiling '' it's only 20.00 dollars we can afford it '' i pressed bye as shawn came inside ''hey shawnie i got a new house with a land '' he walked over and looked at the pictures ''great when are we moving''  ''tomorrow ''  ''we better get packing boys'' shawn said they all ran to their rooms and started packing i got upstairs and took old boxes i had in my closet i sorted them my logan paul merch my jake paul merch dog stuff t-shirts jeans ... i finished packing my clothes and went to the bathroom i put my hair brush in my gel everything in my bathroom was gone the towels hair products my feminin stuff everything i looked in the droor and saw the razors i used to cut myself before i knew the boys they changed my life i took them and flushed them down the toilet went down good i walked out carring boxes and putting them in the living room ''8 pm'' i yarned and ran upstairs i covers myself in blankets and put one on the floor for bailey next to scrappy's blanket i fell asleep rather fast i never do 

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