life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


6. ...

the door bell rang i awnserd ''jack'' i hugged him and let him in ''wow this place is awsome '' ''well one thing wanna stay for a party tonigth shawn's not here for  a few months ''  ''if there's food involved im in''  ''man you and niall would be best friends '' i walked away and told logan about the party ''what should we eat for super '' i said looking at my phone contacts ''PIZZA'' niall and jack yelled ''ok what kind''  they all awnserd diffrent kinds i lost track and called boston pizza ''yes hello ill get every large pizza you have '' i hung up ''pizza will be here in about 12 mins'' i crashed on the coutch next to the boys we watched the X-facter that. was on tv and i loved this one it was when the boys passed the door bell rang and jack got the pizza ''yea thx '' he said closing the door with his foot ''PIZZA'' he yelled we all grabed a box and put it on the cofe table and ate like pigs i took my guitar and played don't want your love ''we run a million miles  an hour  and i do my best to try to do it in style  our love is on trail you run wild you run wild .......'' i played a pause until the next part started ''don't want your love want you love but i just can't get enougth ....'' i sang the hole song while getting every cord rigth whit out even looking ''yea she's been playing guitar since first grade '' jack pointed out i smiled '' i can also play the drums not as good as the guitar '' i put my guitar away and went back to the living room ''what now'' zayn asked ''how about we play truth or dare '' hazza said ''yes'' logan yelled i laughed ''ok so jack truth or dare'' harry asked ''DARE '' i knew he was gonna say dare he was a dare me bro ''i dare you to ...hmm.. eat 10 of the toxic waste i got '' jacks face became red as harry handed him 10 toxic waste jack unwrapped them and shoved them in his mouth all at one his face became red i laughed at his expression we heard a crack i turned too see jack at them ''water'' he said almost chocking ''hazza gave him a cup of water i took the cup and dumped it on his face ''good one sa'' ''ok so louis truth or dare'' jack asked ''dare'' ''hmmmm i dare you too go on the roof and jump into the pool '' ''but it's raining '' ''we don't care lou it's a dare stop being a wimp'' i said being dominant ''fine'' he got up and we all watched from the porch ''you sure it's safe mate'' he yelled ''it is just do it''jack yelled back louis stood at the edge and jumped into the pool ''it's atualy not that bad '' he said getting out we gave him towel and sent him to change ''ok so sarah truth or dare''  '' let me think ......DARE'' ''i dare you to make out with someone '' he said i looked at all of them i knew who i was gonna kiss i smashed my lips into louis but not like usual this time we atualy made out not like the other times ''get urself a room mates'' zayn said hidding liam and hazza's face jack hiding niall's and niall hiding zayn's and jacks i pulled away and laughed ''niall truth or dare'' ''dare'' ''i dare you too ear a spoon full of dirt mixed with honey'' he got up and took a spoon i filled the spoon with dirt and honey then shoved it in his mouth he swolowed it but did nothing ''not too bad ''  ''ok so li truth or dare '' ''truth '' ''is it true that you still sleep with a picture of the kardasions '' liam's face turned red ''yes'' he said queit ''what '' ''YES'' he yelled i burted into laughter we kept playing truth or dare for a while then atualy had a party it was fun catching up with jack

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