life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


5. ....

i woke up too maverick cherping ''logan mav wont shut up'' i yelled ''i know ..... SHUT UP MAVERICK'' maverick stoped and i got up ''where did the boys go '' i asked getting up ''somewhere ''  i turned my phone on and saw i got a text from jack ugh i hate that gu 

''hello love''-jack 

''hello a$$''-scrappy 

''oh you ''-jack

''look i have a boyfriend now but we can work thing out and me and you could be friends''-scrappy

''ok but  whats the magic word miss mendes''-jack

''ugh fine ....... can we be best buddies please jack "-scrappy

''hmmmmm what if it was a no''-jack 

''pleeeeaaaassseeee jaaaacccckkkkkkk "-scrappy


''*puppy dog eyes*''-scrappy

''man you always know how to make me say yes soooo yes''-jack

''yay i don't wanna leave my ex behind we've  been friends since kindergarden ''-scrappy

''i know buddy xD''-jack

''wanna come over and catch up one stuff''-scrappy

''text me your adress and ill be there for super''-jack

i texted him my adress and the boys walked in ''hey boys my friend jack is gonna come over for super and hang out with us ''  ''good timing we were planing to have a party tonigth ''  ''perfect'' i put all the dogs in their dog houses outside and we set everything up until jack comes 

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