life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


4. ....

i walked downstairs and filled scrappy's food bowl ''springtrap food'' i said in a scratchy voice he came running and ate ''good boy if you need me im upstairs or just bark '' i sat on my bed and cheaked my new text 

''hey ''-???

''who the hell are you''-scrappy

''oh so you forgot the reason you moved eh''-???

''jack how did you get my number!!!''-scrappy

after i pressed send springtrap barked ''coming scrappy'' i got downstairs and opend the door ''boys'' i said in a good tone ''vas happening'' zayn said i laughed i love it when he does that ''nothing really guys come in '' they came in ''scrappy'' zayn yelled hugging the young dog ''young doggy'' i heard someone yell i looked at the door and saw logan .... the logan paul at my house today ''hazza tell is logan paul really here '' i said hitting harry's shoulder ''yea'' he turned around ''hey logan im a total loganster '' we hugged i pulled away ''wait one minute'' logan walked to the car and took a leash ''kong'' i walked over to kong ''i never faugth i would meet you young doggy'' my ipod ringned i tured it on and saw 'new text from ???' i scrolled it open and looked at the texts


''why you not awnsering ''-jack

''come on respond i hope your not hangning out with those friends of yours''-jack

''hey jack what friends are you talking about eh''-scrappy

''louis harry niall zayn and that liam guy cuz there suck dirtbags ''-jack

''you don't even know them ass ''-scrappy

''yea  do know those peapole '' -jack

''you don't even know them names lol''-scrappy'

''yes i do''-jack

''what are there names eh''-scrappy 


''well let's just say that if you don't let me go im gonna mess with ya head sukah''-scrappy

''i won't just know ill be coming for you''-jack

''yea rigth 😎😎😎😎"-scrappy 

i closed my phone and saw all the boys looking at me ''what'' i said putting my phone in my pocket ''would you show logan his new room '' zayn said akward ''yea of course'' logan followed me to a big room ''ok so there's loads of place for kong and maverick theres a big bathroom shower bath toilet sink... a walk in closet and a balcony with grass on so kong can do his stuff there he can't jump over it so everything should be fine'' i said as he put his bafs down ''great'' logan said turning around ''well ill let you unpack and make yourself at home your free to do anything my brother is on a 1 year cruse theres maybe gonna be partys bye'' i walked out ''bye'' he closed the door and i joined scrappy on the coutch ''your getting bigger and healthier bud'' i kissed his head ''you know i wanted you cuz i knew you were a sweet dog looks don't matter i don't care if everybody finds your ugly i find you cute'' he layed on my lap and i petted him i slowly fell asleep with scrappy

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