life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


3. ......

i woke up hearing the front door open and shawn's footsteps i jumped out of bed and ran downstairs ''shawnie '' i yelled hugging him ''i missed you '' i said pulling away ''get ready for school ok'' he said putting down his coat ''ok'' i ran upstairs and took a shower i styled my hair and got dressed 

i walked downstairs and took an apple i put my shoes on and my leather jacket i walked to school with the boys ww got there i was so happy i was gonna graduate we sat on the chairs on the stage the guy talked and talked truth i was gonna fall asleep i jumped as he called me up ''sarah mendes'' i walked to him and got the thing i din't really care he called everyone else....

i walked off the stage and hugged shawn ''my baby sister is all grown up'' he said with a crack in his voice ''ill always be your baby sister and im not planing to move away now'' i pulled away and we smiled as we walked to the house i pulled up a random thing ''shawn can i get a dog?'' i asked looking foward ''why not '' i smiled ''lets go pick one'' i put my leather jacket imside and we walked to the dog pound ''how about this one'' shawn said petting a cute little puppy i looked next to that pup's cage and looked at a puppy he looked sad i walked over and started petting him ''shawn'' he looked over at me ''how about this one'' i said showing him the other dog ''noo he's too ugly'' i looked back at the puppy ''looks don't matter'' i said looking back at him ''i want this one'' i sat down at the door of the dog ''i want you '' his eyes lit up and he wagged his tail ''ok....'' shawn said walking to the staff member ''ummm are you sure you want him it's his 20 time getting an owner '' ''yes i want him'' ''ok '' he took a collar and leash and put it on him the dog sat up and was very skinny ''why is he so skinny '' i said taking the leash ''we were gonna leave him die '' i fwlt tears come down ''then you guys should'nt own a place like this and thats abusing come on bud'' i walked away with the dog and walked home alone i sat on the porch ''what am i gonna call you'' i looked over and petted him ''first i should find out your breed'' i examind him ''your a  pitbull that's why no one wanted you but ill keep you forever'' i kissed his head ''ok how about springtrap but scrappy for short'' he got up and wagged his tail ''awww you love the name then springtrap it is''

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