life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


2. ....

i woke up exited ''SHAWN WAKE UP IT'S TOUR TIME'' i yelled taking off his covers thank god he sleeps with a shirt and sweat pants on ''what tour im gonna be late for the bus'' he said running into his closet ''yea ill make food '' i said laughing and walking downstairs i looked on the calender ''yes it's saturday'' i said to myself i can't believe school is ending monday i made eggs and bacon i finished as shawn came downstairs ''smells good '' he said taking his plate ''it's normal everything smells good when bacon is involved'' we laughed and sat down we finished eating as the bus beeped ''thats my ride ill be back soon '' shawn said getting up ''promise'' ''promise'' we hugged and he left i hated seeing him leave but he got payed when he went on tour and made songs i took out my ipod and texted the boys on group chat 

''hey boys wanna come over shawn is gone on tour 😁" -doggy girl

''sure''-taco boy

''sounds good''-vain

''if theres food im in "-ni

''im in'' -loulou


''good come by at around 11 " -doggy girl

they all said yes i took my shower did my hair and got dressed i watched tv until the boys came i opend the door and was attacked by the boys ''a little to tigth lou'' i said having a hard time breathing ''sorry'' louis said pulling away ''i better text shawn'' i opend my ipod and texted shawn 

''hey shawnie can the boys stay over until you come back please shawnie 😜"-mendes sister

''sure but no mess or anything else i dont want you to kiss anybody''-mendes bro

''why can't i have a boyfriend you know i love louis '' -mendes sister

''cuz i don't want him to end up like you know''-mendes bro

''he's not at all like brad bard din't love me he used me for fame and abuse but louis will use me for nothing only for love ''-mendes sister

''no''-mendes bro

''please shawnie if he does anything bad ill tell you ill say everything please shawnie😢😢😢"-mendes sister

''ok i give up'' -mendes bro

''YAY THANKS SHAWNIE BYE'' -mendes sister

''bye'' -mendes bro

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