life as his sister

being the sister of shawn mendes can be fun but i hate the attention mostly the attetion of boys


1. .....

im sarah mendes shawn mendes little sister i love my brother but some times i hate him don't get me wrong hes the best  he just can be too over protective since are parents died he says i can't get a boyfriend cuz of my  past i understand he just does'nt want me hurt he's the most caring guy ever i love my big bro his music is awsome he's the best


i woke up to my alarm clock playing the song 'there's nothing holding me back' i loved it i got out of my bed and took a shower i dried my hair just like he did i had the same haircut i looked good in it only mine was abit longer i styled it with water to the rigth and got dressed in my ''can't i have plans with my husky'' t-shirt i put my leather jacket that shawn gave me on and jeans i ran downstairs ''sup shawn'' i said making myself a bowl of frosted flakes ''sup sarah'' he said i joined him on the sofa ''woke up early bud'' i said playing with his hair styling it ''yep i had to practice my songs for the tour tomorrow'' he yarned ''no why do you have to leave tomorrow shawnie'' i pouted ''i have to tho '' he said fake pouting at me i smiled ''i better get to school bye'' i said walking out ''bye sa'' i closed the door and petted dewey ''bye dewey im gonna miss you i promise were gonna have a walk when i get back '' i said and kissed him he's been my best friend since he was a pup i walked to school listening to mercy ''how ya going sa'' zayn said walking next to me ''im ok how about you vain'' i said turning my music off ''same '' louis and the other boys came ''hey sa'' they all said i laughed '' hey boys'' i said we walked too school and went to our classes we went to lunch and i teased liam with spoons i walked home alone ''hey dewey let's go on walkies '' he jumped up and wagged him tail ''my orange husky is all grown up i miss my puppy but you act like one bud'' i said as i took the leash shawn was playing the guitar i hooked the leash on dewey and went to our favorite spot i sat on a rock and he sat next to me ''it's beautiful just like you dewey'' i said as i layed my head on him i looked up as i heard footsteps shit i forgot pedophiles come here now i looked in back of me and saw a creeky guy he looked insane ''um dewey turn around'' dewey turned around as the guy stoped walking he just looked at us wierdly dewey started growling the man advanced i saw he had a gun ''dewey ....... RUN'' i yelled we turned around and ran until we got to the house ''shit he's still following us '' i pushed dewey inside ''SHAWN THERE'S A PHYCO AT THE DOOR'' i yelled he came down and he opend the door he freeken attacked the guy and the physco went running away i love it when he protects me ''i love when you protect me '' i said hugging him ''it's my job to protect my little sis'' he said as i pulled away from the hug ''ill tell you if he comes back '' he nodded and went upstairs i sat down and hear him play treat you better i walked up and standed in his door way ''i know i can i treat you better i know i can treat you better i know i can treat you better promise ill never let you down cuz i know i can treat you better than he can any girl like you deserves a gentleman '' i sang he turned around and smiled ''i would watch what i wanna watch no wont listen to you do what i want to do cuz i will walk this road one hundred milles on my hands '' he sang getting up ''do i need to show you do i need to show you'' i sang smiling ''your just like you brother '' he said ''i know bro'' i hit his arm and walked to my room i layed down ''nigth sarah'' he said and kissed my forehead ''nigth shawnie'' he closed the ligths and the door i fell asleep i no time

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