You Will Be Mine

Sadie Morrison discovers a secret and ends up becoming the victim in a high-speed stalking chase.


1. One Shot

I get off work at 11:00 p.m. and my house is so close that I can walk to it. I work at Dominoes. Anyway, I was getting ready to go home when my boss stopped me.

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you home? It's pretty dark out there," my boss, Richard, offered.

​"Yes, I'm sure. I'll be fine. It's literally right down the street," I replied.


With those words said, I grabbed my bag and stepped out the door of my workplace and began making my way to my house. I finally reached the door when I heard a scream coming from inside. Out of instinct, I quickly jammed my key into the keyhole and wiggled it around until the door unlocked. I busted through the door and what I saw disappointed me. There was my brother, Daniel, playing a game where the objective is to murder women. And the scream I heard came from a woman. After that nonsense, I skipped up the stairs to my room. I opened the door and what I saw scared me half to death. My puppy, Lilac, was lying on my bed with her intestines dragged out over my One Direction bed covers. Her fur was knotted with blood. I could feel my eyes filling with tears. When I'd finally dried up the tears, I noticed a small piece of paper beside her body. I inched toward my bed and picked up the note. It read, "I been watching you for a long time. I really want you bad. And so you can be with me, I'll kill off everything you love dearly. That way you'll be mine forever." I looked back at Lilac's corpse and weeped.


"Why does this have to happen to me?" I cried. "Who is this person?"


Just then, the noise from my sister's room stopped. I slowly walked out of my room into hers and opened the door. The sight I saw caused me to let out a loud scream. Traci's body was motionless. Her arms and legs were cut off, her heart was ripped out and most disgusting her brain was stuffed halfway in her blood-covered mouth.

"Whoever this is needs to stop!" I screamed.

​Just then, I heard Live While We're Young by One Direction playing from my room. I tiptoed there and I saw my phone lighting up. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was an unknown number.

​"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

​"Hello," a deep, raspy voice answered.

​"May I ask who is calling?"

​"No, you may not."

​"Well, can I ask what you want?"

​"What I want is you. Now I already gave you a warning. Be with me or your brother dies."

With those words, the line went dead.

​What does that mean?​ I thought.

​"Sadie!!" Daniel called from downstairs.

​"What?" I quivered, stepping into the living room.

​"I have a question."

​"What is it?"

"Where's Traci?"

​"Uh, she's in her room."

​"Why? She's never in her room."


As those words left Daniel's lips, he dashed upstairs. I think he went to Traci's room. I began walking up the stairs again. I was halfway to the second floor when I heard a loud crash. I ran upstairs and saw Daniel lying in the middle of Traci's floor. NAKED!!! He had blood stained to his chest and multiple knives sticking out of his body.

​I walked back into my room and saw a medium-sized man with dark hair and a knife in hand.

"Hello, Sadie," he said, creepily.

​"Hi," I said, scared.

​"I told you I wanted to be with you, but you declined me. Now I'm going to decline you," he said, walking toward me.

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