Chemistry Is Our Thing

Anna and Charles try to uncover the secrets of their dorm! Meanwhile, Charles has some pretty strong feelings for Anna! Inspiration from a TV series I watched!


1. A new beginning

Anna and Charles have not met until a very special day! Anna has been invited to a dorm school! Charles entered through the creepy, dark gates with some strange patterns on them. Anna was in a hurry and bumped into Charles, knocking him down. Charles had a few scrapes and Anna stood there embarrassed, holding her books, clutching them hard, sweating and feeling the same pain Charles felt. "I'm sorry!" Anna took his hand and pulled him upwards. "Dude, your strong!" Charles exclaimed as he brushed off the stones on his clothes. Anna grinned and walked with him slowly. "I'm Charles," He told her, giving her an irresistible smile. "Anna," She told him back, shaking his hand, passionately. Both of them knew how good of friends they would become! Charles liked her a little more than just friends... 

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