my life

sarah loved making covers shawn mendes(her brother) charlie puth and one direction she moves and changes schools with her twin shawn and their pets but how could her and her music teacher louis fall for each other


1. ....

i woke up looking around my new room i jumped out of bed i took my shower and let my short boy hair exactly like shawn's dry ''you got a hold of me don't even know your power i stand a hundred feet but i fall when im around you show me an opend door you go and slam it on me i can't take anymore im saying bayne please have mercy on me ...'' i sang while dressing up i put a tank top with a jean jacket with some jeans and non mathcing socks ''please have mercy mercy mercy on my heart would you please have mercy mercy on my heart '' i sang walking downstairs i joined shawn at the table ''nice song '' he said ''you know it's my fav thanks so much for making songs their all awsome '' i said hugging him he smiled ''it's a passion '' we finished eating and got up i put my leather jacket on so did shawn we got in the car and drove to school i put some of his music on and we sang along we got out the car ''here we are'' shawn said my gosh i love how he sounds ''yep a freash start '' i turned my head at him and smiled we enterd and got our scheduals ''omg shawn we have the same classes and the after noon we both go in our profiles mr art and i go in music with mr tomlinson but math ugh i hate math'' he laughed and we shoved out stuff in the locker


we went to math class mr payne he made math way funner  ''oh two late peapole whats the excuse '' mr payne said looking at us ''were new '' me and shawn said at the same time ''oh you must be shawn and sarah mendes take a seat '' me and shawn sat next to each other the class was boring the bell rang we headed to history with mr horan we singhed in relief we wernt late we sat down and almost fell asleep  

we went to lunch ''i dare myself to drink a hole garerade bottle without stopping'' i said as we sat down ''go on dare me girl'' i opend the gaderade bottle and drank the hole thing in under 10 seconds ''dare completed'' i yelled we ate and then went to our profiles ''later'' i yelled ''later'' he yelled back i walked to the class surprising there was only me and 6 others in the class '' this is not alot of teens '' i said almost yelling ''shhh if you talk it's detention'' a kid next to me wisperd ''miss mendes detention'' mr tomlinson said turning around -come on i said to myself ''good afternoon class today we are gonna learn treat you better by shawn mendes'' he said i almost fell off my seat ''yes'' i wisperd to myself he gave us guitar and made us do the beat with the guitar ''miss mendes how come you got everything rigth'' mr tomlinson said surprised ''he's my brother trust me i know every song he made '' i said lifting an eyebrow up he noded and continieud teaching us  the bell rang and i texted shawn to leave without me'' i waited in the room playing show you waiting for mr tomlinsom '' so i want to talk to you miss mendes'' he said walking in ''call me sarah'' i said putting the guitar away ''so ive heard why you moved schools i promise nothing will happen if im here ok '' he said smiling ''ok can i go now'' i said '' you may'' i got up and walked out did he wink at me or what i walked home and crashed on my bed

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