Not so Cliche

You always read love stories and they are all cliche. This story starts out sounding cliche but it is all real. The chapters are short and the farther i get in the book the more you will itch for more. Hope you love it! Thanks


1. The House in the Woods

 It was cold, dark, and rain. We had nowhere to go but home. Another three miles to go. How did we end up walking back from town? That's the only thought in my head. My thoughts are racing so so fast. I look ahead at the long winding road ahead of us. Nothing but trees on both sides. No house for a while. I wouldn't mind the walk if it wasn't so damn cold. I look up and see the rain dripping off of his short brown hair. He looks so cute, but so cold. I was just looking at him, admiring him. It seemed like it had been going by so much faster. Then he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the woods.


"Austin what the hell are you doing" It was the first thing I could think to say.

"Relax babe, I promise its okay. There's a house back here. I remember my dad showing it to me when we went hunting. My grandfather built it just before my dad was born, It will keep us dry for now, we will stay until the rain calms down."

I just smiled. I wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. It was a little bit of a walk there. When we finally got there, I thought I was dreaming. This was a millionaires house, just sitting, sitting in the middle of the woods. It was crazy,. I couldn't even begin to explain the shock. A three story house, brick, more beautiful than ever. It was just standing there, never touched. How?


"what are you waiting for silly, you're only getting more wet" he laughed and tugged on my hand.

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