Not so Cliche

You always read love stories and they are all cliche. This story starts out sounding cliche but it is all real. The chapters are short and the farther i get in the book the more you will itch for more. Hope you love it! Thanks


4. sure....

"Sure, sure you haven't talked to her in months, that's why she's texting you, right? That's why she wants to know if she can come over, right?"  I couldn't hold myself back. It was weighing so heavily on me. "Jackie, I haven't talked to her, I haven't messaged her, you can even look. I really don't talk to her and I wish you would realize that! I love you Jackie, you. Not the girl from down the street, not bob, not Selena Gomez, and sure as hell not Alyssa." His voice was definitely raised.


"Then why is she messaging you? Can you tell me that one? Huh? At least let me know why the hell your stupid cunt of an ex is texting you?" I realized my voice was raising to. I didn't want it to get to this. It was never my intention. I didn't even want him to know their was anything wrong. I didn't think we were going to fight again. We fight over the stupidest shit.

"Babe, I really don't know why she messaged me," his voice cracked. I could tell he was upset. How did I do this again? How did I let my stupid thoughts hurt him again? Why? Why does this always happen between us??


We constantly fight and it is always started by me. Something small always sets me off. Then we are left here. We are left at me and Austin fighting. I know he doesn't deserve this. I think that it is time I walk away and end his pain.\


"Austin I'm sorry. I am so sorry that I do this to you. I am so sorry that I always upset you, and that we are always fighting. I don't mean to fight with you it's just sometimes my thoughts get the best of me. I don't like fighting with you. I know that it hurts you and I hate seeing you hurt, and I just want you to know that I am so so so......." He kissed me before I could even finish.


'Babe, I know why you always fight with me, and it's okay. I guess if you want the best girlfriend in the world you at least got a small price to pay, and I don't mind dealing with your little bursts and fits. You throw them all the time. Baby I know what you are thinking about you aren't going anywhere. I know you don't like fighting with me and i get whats going on. I love you baby. This comes with you and Im glad to take it," He said in the sweetest way, as he took my hand.


I guess this boy really does love me. I really love him. We better get moving, before it gets too dark.

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