Not so Cliche

You always read love stories and they are all cliche. This story starts out sounding cliche but it is all real. The chapters are short and the farther i get in the book the more you will itch for more. Hope you love it! Thanks


3. Really??

The phone bings. We are barely in a service zone. It was Austins phone. I checked it. It read, "Message from Alyssa". Seriously??


He told me he hadn't been talking to her. Of course I'm going to read it because I really don't like that bitch. "Hey wanna come over?". I'm pissed. I'm not pissed, I'm hurt. Why is she messaging him??


Could he really be cheating?? After all this?? I try to put a more positive, not the best, but more positive spin on it. Maybe she just messaged him thinking he would. Maybe she messaged him out of nowhere. Maybe they haven't been talking.


I didn't want to ask him about it, so I just kinda slowly locked myself up. Every time something small happens like this, my anxiety jumps 10 ft in to the air lets me fall, and builds walls around me. What sucks even more is I just got my mind to stop rushing. I mean when it is thoughts about him I don't mind my thoughts rushing so much. I mean this is about him, but its not about his beautiful eyes or perfect hair, its about the possibility of something happening to our relationship. I am so sick of this. It sucks.


I sat myself down on one of the stairs. He sat down right next to me. I tried to turn my head away so he wouldn't notice that I'm in any sort of pain, but he did. He always does. He can always tell. "Whats wrong babe," he said wrapping his one arm around me.


"Nothing," I said, trying not to look at him. I knew if I did the tears would start. I didn't want to. I just wanted to play it off like nothing was wrong, like I had saw nothing. "Babe, I know you better than that come on," He tried so hard to make me tell him. "Go ask Alyssa what's wrong," i just threw that out. "What do you mean go ask Alyssa??? I haven't talked to her in months!!" 

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