Not so Cliche

You always read love stories and they are all cliche. This story starts out sounding cliche but it is all real. The chapters are short and the farther i get in the book the more you will itch for more. Hope you love it! Thanks


2. Inn

We were finally in. My mind was still beyond shocked. It was gorgeous. It was kind of like a palace. it looked like some fancy hotel entrance that you would add "inn" to. It was kind of like The countryside Inn, or The Royal Inn. This was the "Palace in the Middle of the Woods Inn".


It finally started to get warm. The only question was if this home had sat for so long in the middle of the woods without any maintenance, how does the power work??? How did it stay in such an amazing condition? I I was standing looking out the window, and I felt it. I felt soft lips press against my neck. His hands slowly move down my sides to my waste. The lights flickered.


We thought nothing of it, because it is an old house. I spun around to look at him. To me he is the most beautiful thing to live. He's about 6'1. I looked up at him. His hair was still wet from the rain. I looked right into his eyes.


His beautiful blue eyes. Some days they look like the sky, sometimes the bluest water on the nicest day, and even sometimes lighting. I have never seen such beautiful eyes on anyone ever. I remember when I first met him. I remember when we first started hanging out. Whats crazy is the first time I met him he was selling drugs to my moms boyfriend. I fell in love then, or I thought I was.


Then we started talking. We talked all day and all night. He was my shoulder to cry on, and I was his. We would call each other at 3:00 am, just to make sure the other was smiling. Man, his eyes. It happens every single time. My mind wanders and goes crazy. He kissed me, bringing me right back. My mind stopped rushing for a minute. 

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