One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


7. what is your disease?

i woke up and decided that i would go to school, it is not my fault that i had a seizure at school. and that people are so cold that they can draw something like that on the board and not think about how i felt. they didn't even know i was sick, and had anxiety. it was hard enough to deal with my epilepsy.


 i wanted to walk to school so i sent a text to Liam saying: 

'hey Li, i am going to school today so i was wondering if you wanted to walk with me?' 

i left the phone in my room and went to the bathroom to take a shower, the hot water felt nice. i got out and wrapped a towel around my body and another one around my hair. i walked back to my room and i looked at my phone and there was a text from Liam

'sure, when do we leave?' 

the classes started at 8:20 today, and it only took a couple of minutes to walk to the school so i answered:


'at 8:00?' 


'nice, see ya<3'  he used the heart again, well it wasn't the emoji heart but i liked the other one better anyways. 


I walked over to my closet looked at all my clothes and sighed, " i have the most boring clothes in the entire world" i mumbled to my self. I picked something basic black skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt. i went back to the bathroom to dry my hair and put on a little mascara, I usually don't use make-up but i wanted to try something new. 

the clock was almost 8:00 and but i just had to take my medicine, and i would be on my way out. 

"why are you in such a hurry sweetheart, oh and you have to eat something before you can take you medication. then it will work better" my mom said when i entered to kitchen. "mom i don't have time to eat i have to meet with Liam in 5 minutes" i said and i kinda regrettet it because now she will get curious and ask a bunch of questions. but to my surprise she just looked at me like i was a whole new person. 

i took a piece of toast and ate it quickly and drank a glass of milk. " happy now?" i asked my mom and she nodded slowly at me, she looked like she was fascinated by me or something, a just took my medicine and gave her and Jake hug before i went outside, where Liam stood and waited. "

have you been here for long, i am sorry i am late my mom made me eat before i could go" i said

"2 minutes or something, but i rather wait than you starve" he said and smiled while we began to walk. 

"i actually wasn't hungry, but my meds won't work without me eating anything" i said and his smile faded a little 

we walked in silence in a couple of moment.

"can i ask you something, but if you won't answer its okay" he asked "sure, anything" 

"what is your disease? i know you don't like people knowing but now everyone knows something is wrong so maybe you could tell me?" he asked and i know he was unsure about asking but of course i would tell him since he is the only one who cares. 


"sure, but don't get all worried and protective cus then i will regret telling you. but yeah i have epilepsy and anxiety"

"oh" was all that came out of his mouth

"people usually get scared when i tell them i have epilepsy and then they run away, and that is the reason i don't have friends and i don't like to talk in school." i say and and he looks like he is in shock, maybe he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore, or maybe he is about to run away from me like everyone else. 

"Liam" i said waving a hand in front of him, and i didn't see where i was walking so i just walked straight in to a streetlight. damn that hurt. i just fell on my ass. " oh my god Emma are you okay?" Liam said and he had the concern in his face that i didn't want him to have. he gave me a hand, but i didn't take it, i wanted to show him that i could take care of my self.

"God is seriously telling me not to go to school today" i said while laughing and soon Liam was laughing too.



A/N sorry for the short chapters and all of my typing fails.  if you like my story plz like it. i feel like this is the chapter i am most proud. will update it soon. 

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