One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


1. What happend

 I wake up in a hospital bed, i can't remember what happened, but the memory of something is coming slowly back. why can't i remember? wait... I have seen this room before, this is room i am always in when i get my weekly check. why are you so stupid Emma, you are just here for one of you checks, i realise i am laughing at myself and the a nurse comes in to the room. "good to see you are awake, i will send your mother in" she says as she pull the curtains to the side, and the light blinds me. she could at least have warned me. 

As the nurse is about to leave i ask her "why did you have to do that?" she stares at me for about 10 seconds "oh sorry, i thought you needed some light in this room, you have been sleeping all day" she says with a blank face, she is one of the nurses that i dont like, she treats me like i dont need to be here, like obviously there is reason i am here. its not her job to set a question mark over everything, she just has to bring me what i need when i needed it. maybe i am to hard on them, but why do i even care i am not supposed to be friends with them, there is always a new one every week anyways. 

I leave the bed and walk slowly over to the window, i get really dizzy when i walk but i don't fall. i sit down in the window bench and i look out and enjoy the view from the top floor. i rest my head on the cold glass and i slowly fall back to sleep. 

when i wake up the doctor and my mom both stands starring at me like they have seen a monster or something.     " why are you l looking at me like that?" i asked confused. "why did you leave your bed sweety, you know you are supposed to be in the bed until i they have checked that everything is alright with you" my mom asked me with a concerned look on her face, i can't tell if she is mad og worried. "it's just one of my weekly checks mom, i think i am allowed to sit in the window for 10 minutes". i say in a very teenage way starring cold at her.


She looks at the doctor and then back at me, and she is about to say something but my doctor interrupts her before she can say anything " i am sorry to say Emma, but this is not one of your weekly checks, you had a seizure while you where in school, everyone got really scared and worried, and then the ambulance bring you here"

I was in chock, did i have a seizure at school, omg i never wanted to come back there again, no one there knew i was sick, and know properly everyone does.  I imagine all the stares when i come back, the worries looks, i did not have so many friends before, at least not anyone i was close to, and nobody would properly would even talk to me now. 


this was the worst thing that could have happened, why did i have to forget i take my meds that day, the day where i have to present in english, geez Emma, how can you be such an idiot. 

"I dont want to come back there ever again!" i said it and i dont regret it, even though i had Liam in my mind, the only person in the whole school who ever cared about me, when i sat alone in lunch he always joined me. i was gonna miss him a little bit. 

" we dont expect you to go back there, we know how you feel about your sickness, and how you dont want people to know about it, but we think you should finish the semester there Emma, it is only one month, and we think you can handle that" my doctor says, while i nod slowly, a felt the tears coming and i couldn't hold them back. i just didn't want to see any of their faces again 


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