One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


3. The only one who cares

time went by really slowly, no one was looking for me, i don't even the think the teacher noticed that i left. I looked at my phone again 09:03 the time said, the break wasn't until 10:00, I was not going back to class after what they drew on the blackboard. 

after 10 more minutes a familiar face comes out of the classroom, i don't expect him to come this way but he did, and suddenly he is sitting right beside me on the cold floor against the ugly wall. "hey" he says with his deep voice and smirked. "hi" i say with a too girly voice, why am i like that? 

"are you okay?" he asked, and looked straight in to my sapphire eyes.

"not really, i don't like being here anymore" i said, and i could see that he was sad to hear that, he looked down and asked quietly "does that mean you are transferring school?" 

"I am thinking about transferring next year, i don't like that everyone saw me that day in the canteen, and know they all know about my sickness and will treat me different, because they will never forget the girl who freaked out in canteen like she was crazy" i said letting the tears fall free, i hug mu knees to hide my face so Liam wouldn't think i was weak. "I don't think you are crazy" Liam said and i looked up at his face and he was smiling at me. i want to transfer school but i don't want to leave Liam, he was the only one in this school who actually cared. 

i got through the day, but i couldn't help but think that everyone was starring at me, maybe they was idk.


i wanted to walk home today so that is what i am doing, getting some fresh air and clearing my mind, i don't know if a want to tell my mom what happened or just leave it alone. i hear footsteps behind me and i look back and i see Liam running to catch up on me. I stop and wait until he is beside me, he catches his breath and says  "whats up?"

"i am on my way home, i only live 10 minutes away" i say and look in his pretty deep brown eyes. "you do?, I live this way too" he said with a big smile on his face. maybe i don't need to worry about not seeing Liam again if i transfer school, we can just be together after school.

that made my day at least a little better. 


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