One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


5. Liam's house

was i really going to Liam's place? i asked myself a thousand times on my way over there. I don't know why i was so happy about it, we are just friends and i don't think he likes me that way. do I like him that way? i don't yet.

he only lived a couple of building away and it took me 5 minutes to get over there, i was kinda scared and nervous at the same time. when i get to the house i knock on the door and a girl properly my brothers age stands in the door with a big smile on and welcomes me in with a big hug, i already like his family. "Liam is in his room upstairs, first door to the right" she says pointing up the stairs. 

i walk quietly up the stairs and find his door with the letters LIAM on it. I knock on it quietly and sure if he could hear it but 5 seconds later he opens the door and look me straight in my eyes with his big brown pretty eyes. 

"welcome to my home" he says in a happy voice.

"thank you, it's nice to be here" i say. 

"you properly already ate dinner, so i am gonna get os some ice-cream if you want?" he says with a question mark over his face. "of course, who says no to ice-cream" i say with a laugh, and he is out of the room. he's room is really big maybe twice mine. i look around and see a couch, a TV and a Playstation. i look through his games and i find a Mario game in the bottom of the stack of violent shooting games, my brother plays them too, and i am scared of them. the door opens and Liam comes in with ice-cream, whipped cream and loads of chockolate sauce.

"nice, i found this game i thought we could play if you want to" i say and my eyes are on the delouses ice-cream he places it one the table and gives me a bowl. I sprinkle lots of whipped cream on it, and loads of chokolate sauce  

"i haven't ate ice-cream in months, because my mom Think its unhealthy for me" i say with ice-cream in my mouth and it is disgusting, but Liam just laughs at me, he is cute when he laugh. 


he won all the games we played, but it is not surprising when he is the one who has a playstation and played a lot of it. the only game i was close to winning was Mario, but that was only because he laughed so hard he couldn't focus, i would bet anything that he could play it in his sleep. 


when i look at the clock it is 10:20 PM, got dammit i am late and my mom is gonna kill me. "I am so sorry Li but i really have to go, i am already late" i say  and we walk down the stairs, I grab my jacket and shoes, and hug him goodbye "see you on Monday Em" he says with a happy look, but not like he is happy that i am leaving, more like happy that i will se you on Monday. 


i dont hurry back to my house, because it is the first time i am late home, and i want to be a little later home, and see her reaction.

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