One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


8. hi, i am Lucy

i stoped in front of the school. there where so many eyes on me and i wish they could just forget what they saw and move on.

i don't know what happened but suddenly i was walking and Liam was dragging me to the doors "we where  going to be late if you where just gonna stand there" he said laughing and smiling.  "you are right, i guess i am just kinda scared" i said and we separated to go to out lockers. i tried 3 times to open my locker before it worked, the school seriusly need a upgrade, i mean it is the ugliest school i have ever seen. 

i walk to english class early because i don't like being too much in the hallway, there are just people everywhere and they stare with their evil teenage eyes. 

i got to the classroom and went to the back and sat next to the window, i just stared out the window when a girl with brown curly hair walked in and sat next to me, wait next to me? there where a ton of other seats and she chooses to sit next to me "hi i am Lucy, i am new here so i hope it is okay i sit here" she said with her very cute little girly voice. "sure, i am Emma, i am the freak of the school at the moment, so you are properly gonna regret sitting here" i don't know why i said that, maybe because my freakiness will have and effect on her and i don't want people to fall down the whole with me. "why are you the freak, you are really pretty, and i don't see why i would regret it" she said smiling and she was really pretty and maybe i need to give her a chance. "I rather not talk about it, but since everyone else in this school know i might as well tell you. i had an anxiety seizure, in the canteen in front of everyone. And now everyone thinks i am a freak and stares the shit out of me" i said and she just looked at me like my mother did this morning, i started to think maybe i had a pimple or something.

People started to enter the room and people gave me a small look but they didn't stare or call me names, thats weird. Then i realized that Lucy was beside me and they properly didn't want to make her feel weird on her first day. But they are stone cold machines, why do they care about her and not me, maybe because she looks like a goddess, and i am i rotten potato. 

Liam sat in front of me with James beside him, Liam and James are best friends. he turned around and said hi to me and Lucy "Can you please be quiet down there, thank you" the teacher said, i just rolled my eyes and continued to look out of the window. after a few minutes he handed out some assignments, i finished before everyone else and got up and gave it back to the teacher "good job Emma, you can just sit and relax or work on your homework now" he said. 

i walked back to my seat and all three stared at me "what?" as they continued "this is uncomfortable" i said while pulling out my phone because i finished all my homework already. "sorry" Liam said and he turned abound again, i think he was sorry or something.  

at lunch time i sat with Lucy while i was eating my apple and she was asking a bunch of questions, "so, where did you move from?" i finally asked "i moved here from New York, because of my moms job, my dad is still in New York, but he works there 2 months and then is working from home in 2 months, so he is home every 2 months" she says and takes another bite of her sandwich. 

After a few moments Liam and James comes in to the canteen and walks forwards us and they sit down, Liam sits beside me and James sits beside Lucy. "what are you doing today after school Emma?" Liam asked me and taking a bite of his apple, apples is the only thing in the canteen there is not disgusting. "I don't think so, why?" i answered looking straight in to his Brown eyes "i was thinking we could hang out, maybe play some games" i said looking down, aww he is shy to ask.

"Sure, what time?" 

"I was thinking after school, or something" 

"Yeah, I just need to drop of my bag and get something" i said and i did need to get something i needed to take my afternoon meds, but he didn't need to know that. 


after lunch i had all my other classes and waited outside the school for Liam, but then Lucy popped up beside and hugged me goodbye And jumped into a car witch i assumed was hers. 

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