One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


4. Dinner

i wake up from my nap and my mom is yelling "dinner" here it goes another boring family dinner, i just wanted to go back to my room, i wasn't really hungry and not in the mood for eating with my family.

when i come down i see the usual three plates on the table, my mom cocking in the kitchen, and then of course Jake playing PlayStation in the living room, i don't think he heard mom yelling because he just started a new game.

i sit down at the table and while i wait i look at my phone under the table, there is text from Liam it says

"hey, do you wanna come over after dinner"  

i smile at my phone and answer

"i would love to, but i have to ask my mom first, I will text you i know"


i put my phone away and my mom places the food at the table and yells at Jake for the second time, i really think he is deaf sometimes, i heard it the first time and i was upstairs in my room. 

we eat in silence untill my mom breaks it with her usual questions "how was your day sweety?"  

if you mean besides that my class drew me on the blackboard, and everyone starred at me the rest of the day

"It was fine mom, as usual" i say in a irritated voice, i hate all her questions and i need to ask if i can leave in 20 minutes. "mom? i was thinking if i could visit one of my friends who lives on this street?"  i say it hope in my voice and she lightens up, i understand her it is like the first time i have asked that in months. "sure honey you just have to be home again at 10:00 PM." 





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