One Wish

Emma is a 16 year old girl, but she is not like everyone else, she is sick and she does not want anybody to know, but that will change


6. Confrontation

I walk through my front door and yell "I am home!" and both my mother and brother comes running towards me, they don't speak to me at first they just stares at me with question marks over their faces, i just shake my head at them, and then i walk into the living room and sit down in the sofa, i like Liam's sofa better than this one. 

"why are you late?" my mom says as she walks slowly towards me, and when she gets to the sofa she sits right next to me with her arms crossed, she wants and answer and she wants it know. "I forgot the time, because we where having so much fun" i say hoping she won't me mad at me "where were you anyways, you didn't say who you was visiting?" she ask curious, crap i don't want to lie to her but i know what she will think about me visiting Liam, i know she wish that i have more girl friends, but i don't really like those chatty gossiping girls at my school. 

"it was just a friend from school i found out lived some houses away" i say, and i really hope she will accept that answer and won't ask more questions. "what is her name?" got dammit she had more questions. 

i hesitate but said quietly "Liam" 

"oh okay" she says and walks out of the room but at the door she stops and turn around " when do i get to meet him" no she did not just ask that Jesus. 

"no mom, goodnight" i say and run up the stairs and in to my room. i was going to bed but then my phone vibrate in my pocket, it was a text from Liam.

"are u awake, and did your mom kill you because you were late" 

"no she was fine with it, and yes i am awake" i write back and changes my clothes into nightwear. 

"good, i was afraid that you would get house arrest or something like that ;-)" 

"no she would never do that of many reasons 1) i never go out so it wouldn't affect anything 2) today was the first time in month that i went out of the house, and i could keep coming up with reasons but i am tired"

"i won't keep you awake when you are tired, so goodnight Em<3"

"goodnight Li<3"

i close my eyes and i fall asleep really fast.



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