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2. the meet up

Emily woke up and started getting ready for an interview. She heard her phone ring and it was Hannah. She answered and said Hey. Hannah replied back "Did you hear that if you get the job that Nick if going to be you boss?!?!?" Emily replied and said "I'm sure he is but he won't notice me but I'll still give it a try." They hung up and Emily started to get in the car. She was breathing in and out and was thinking about the negative. When she got to the office she was so nervous and just showed a smile. Then she opened the door and the first person she saw was Nick and her heart melted with warmth. She smiled and Nick noticed her for the first time. He said Hey and she said Hi. They both left and she went to the interview. When she got into the office she didn't realize that she will be talking to Nick. He started interviewing her and he started falling deeply in love with her. The interview was over and he invited her to a party that weekend. She told his yes that she will be there. When she left the office she was filled with happiness. Then she started driving to Starbucks. She ordered a Unicorn Frap. She went to mall to shop for clothes with her friend Hannah. Hannah was happy that Emily finally went out for once and had a great time.

*can she make the party a way to get close to Nick*

*Is Hannah going to support her through it all*

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