The Carpathian Chronicles

The Carpathian Chronicles is a 20 short stories that Is based upon the Creatures of the Night, Known as Vampires, the life of immortality , how they learn to survive not just by drinking human blood, but also survive by drinking a stone, but this stone isn't ordinary to them, its known as a Bloodstone made by a Origional BlackRose, ( my aol rping character, I am using ). in order for them to fit in the human world, the stone heals their hunger while surviving the human world, come along and read the stories ..


1. The Masquerade

     The Carpathian Chronicles  
         The Masquerade                                           from the Journal of Prince Erik Del Edwards
The Era is 1815,
         The war  had just begun between my father and my uncle, his brother, for what reason is because my uncle wants the Castle of Clydronia the home of the Garucino family. My Grandfather  and great great  Grandfather  elder and king Malachai De La Cruz passed the Royal  crown to my father which  m uncle Tobias  didn't like  with him being  the oldest,  my grandfather didn't trust my uncle, But more of my Father.
My Father didn't trust   his brother since he held strong  grudges against him, with Tobias being the oldest he never suspected that my father and grandfather met secretly and both decided to hand the crown over to me at the early age of 15.  my father did wear the crown for the time being. The crown of Clydronia , skipping a  generation in our family.
my mother Queen Deena accepted the fact that  my fate  as king  was  the beginning of my life, sooner than i expected i also learned that i would be sharing my fate with my future wife Isabella , Princess  of Santana and daughter of King Deigo and Catalina Santana, they rule  the lands  within the south  of the Kingdom of The Santana Castle.
Her older brother Carlos accepted our relationship due to the fact  me and Isabella  were close friends, we became  more than friends,  thru out the years. months passed as we got closer, our family noticed that our relationship changed towards each other  my protectiveness  grew for her as our love bloomed into  something more.
The years now passed we  were officially engaged, now our families are  preparing a masquerade celebration to announce our engagement........                                                                              The Attack
 It was the night of the masquerade,  i wandered thru the casllatle as i searched for mlove Isabella , we were playing Marco polo, i smiled as I walked thru the  corridors searching  as I grinned, we were happily inlove  with each other, she told me she had a surprise to  tell me   so I quickly looked and looked everywhere  as I gave up she always knew how easily  i gave  up on her game, so I  decided to lean against the wall as i waited for her to appear  beside melt e as i leaned against the wall  and took in a deep breath as i closed my eyes i felt  a strange sensaion as i opened my eyes  i seen a tall man infront of me as he pinned me against the wall as he moved my head aside as he covered my eyes  as i felt a pinch beside  my neck as i gasped in pain my lips  parted as i tried  to capture my breath yet instead  felt  something  entering my mouth something sweet  but yet  burning thru my throat, I tried  thowing up but the assailant wouldn't let me,  the hot liquid traveled thru my  throat, i felt my tears trickling down my cheeks as i tried to scream out.
It was useless, i gasped as my  arms  moved  as I scratched my assaliants arms as again i felt a  bite upon my wrists and a tickle  of a tongue closing the wounds my body now slumped onto the cold  floor as it was on fire i screamed  in painas it  jolted upas if i was having a seizure, the hot sweet nector  continued  to flow  thru my throat  as I screamed  out I was in pain no one  was there  to comfort me I wanted my father, for me only being a 16 yr old  the pain was excruciating, the flow of the blood dripped into my mouth as it  burned my throat.
I swallowed  quickly enough as i held  my eyes tightly, the fire was  at a rapid rate the changing taking effect on me, i screamed in agony, tears flowed out of  my eyes, my hair , my body, my features were  changing at a rapid  rate.
Meanwhile @ the Dance ........
   With the music loud and couples mingle , the Princess  entered the grand hall and rushed to the King and Queen informing  them how they  were hiding  from each other , but yet she noticed he had went  missing , the King decided to stop the festivities early as he surrounded the guards together informing them that the Prince was missing.
The king and the guards wandered thru all the corridors as they searched for the Prince along  in the east wing chambers,  and dungeons. they noticed he was no where insight  now returning back to the main hall as they met up with the king, as he now lowered his head and sighed.
((he knew his son was now dead)).He knew I was dead.
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