Loving Him

A heartbreaking story about how Maya, a depressed girl who cuts herself is faced with a life changing decision when she meets a guy she loves. What will she decide?


1. Chapter 1

The pounding in my head won’t go away. Thoughts race through my head, getting jumbled up along the way. I can’t tell right from wrong or forward from backward. I lock the door to my bathroom shut and open my sock drawer. I dig around inside until my hand hits something sharp and metal. I pull out the object and fill a small cup with rubbing alcohol. I can’t afford to get infected again and have to explain to the doctor how I got cut in the first place.

After soaking the razor in the alcohol for a few minutes, I feel the tip of the blade. I find an empty space on my wrist and place the razor against my skin. Before I move the blade deep into my skin, I think about what happened to make me feel this way again. Jenine Davidsile happened. The thought of her name gives me enough strength and I slice through my skin as I’ve done many times before. I watch the red drip down onto the white, tile floor. I watch as my floor is slowly stained red. I look back at my arm and realize that I’ve cut about a fourth an inch farther than usual. I stop before I go any further or I know someone will see the cut and I’ll be in deep shit.

I watch the red for a few more minutes, then I grab a washcloth and press it firmly against my cut to stop the bleeding. I wipe the tears from my cheeks that I didn’t even know had fallen. I prop myself up against the bathroom door and just let myself feel the pain. More thoughts race through my head and I’m tempted to make another cut so I can stop thinking about everything, but I won’t. Every single person who cuts has a reason for it. Mine is to take my mind off of life and the pain that comes with it.

After about ten minutes, I take the washcloth off and get up. I go to my closet and throw on a baggy sweatshirt. I go back into my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. Is this the person I’ve become? I used to be so happy. Now look at me. I’m nothing but a lost cause.

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