Escaping an abusive ex and homophobic parents Adam Park finds himself in the small town of Miwok Valley, thanks to childhood friend Rocky Desantos and a late relatives old log cabin. What Adam finds out about his new home and friends from the nearby Indian Reservation is more life changing that just leaving home.


3. When I See You Again

Gracie's General Store was the fourth place Adam had considered for a job. But it was the first place on his stop. As he climbed out of his black 1998 Thunderbird walking in he smiled at the girl at the counter as she said "hey how can I help you?"

"I was wondering if you guys were hiring or at least taking applications?" Adam asked "We are actually needing help! Gracie isn't here for an interview, but I'm sure she would love to talk to you." She said handing Adam an application.

"Did I sneak by you again Sadie?" The woman said walking out of the back. She was stout woman middle aged, with graying light brown hair and reminded Adam a lot of his English teacher Mrs. Applebee.

"You, David and Tommy are the best ones at that!" Sadie said making Adam laugh. "Speak of the Devils themselves" Gracie said as the bell over the door rang out, two boys walking in. Sadie jumped the counter making a full on run to one of them with dark brown hair hanging around his face, the same one who caught her as she jumped into his arms. Adam couldn't help but smile at the adorable action then noticed the second boy and the unshakable feeling he had met him before.

Adam tried to focus more on the application as the boy walked over, judging him Adam guess he must have been a about his age or even a little older than he was. He walked up to the counter talking to Gracie. "Has that order for my dad come in yet?" He asked. Listening to he and Gracie speak Adam took notice of his features now, deep brown eyes, a sweet gentle voice, and dark brown locks just like the other guy.

"Not yet Tommy, Sam knows I'll call him when it gets in!" Gracie said as she spoke to Adam "All finished sweetheart?" Adam gave a nod handing over the paper. "Adam Park, 115 Ridgeland Drive . . the old Desantos place eh? I knew they'd end up selling it. Lord knows Frank and Rocky put a lot of money into fixing it up." she seemed to ramble for a minute as Adam said with a smile.

"Yeah Rocky sold it to me, I just got moved in yesterday."

"Welcome to the area Adam, I'm Tommy Trueheart" Tommy said finally introducing himself offering Adam a hand shake, the younger boy taking it as Adam said. "Thanks Tommy."

"So sweetheart can you start in the morning about 8 am?" Gracie asked Adam surprised at the question "Um yeah sure, what else can you tell me about the position?" Adam asked as Gracie motioned for him to come back to the office. "Pay isn't anything grand but it's still $9.50 an hour, our medical insurance is a small company, but Dr. Horton takes it and the hospital in Reefside will too." Adam gave a nod as she asked. "Are you in school anywhere?"

Adam shook his head "No, I graduated high school last year, I've been wanting to go for something better but some crazy things have happened between then and now so school has kind of been out of the question for the time being." She gave a nod as she said "Tri City Technical College isn't much, but they offer some good courses. My grandson just finished a Criminal Justice Degree out there. Also not every expensive either, if you choose to go I will always find away to help you out with your schedule and even when times get tight money wise."

Adam chuckled at the womans generosity. "I don't know if I will ever need to take you up on that but Thank you, for everything. So I'll see you in the morning?" Adam said as Gracie gave him a smile and said "Yep I'll have Sadie train you up you'll mostly be keeping the store straight but still might have to train you for the register for the holidays and Inventory for the down times."

Adam gave a nod and thanked her again as he left saying good bye to Tommy and Sadie on his way.

"Tom come on, we've got to help Uncle John with his horses" David said listening to Sadie whine "I know, I'm sorry but as soon as Alex gets better it will just be he and John. Tommy and I can go back to working on cars." David said as his brother seemed mesmerized by Adam.

"Earth to Tommy?" David snapping his brother out of his odd daze. "Yeah Lets go." Tommy said, Sadie giving David one last kiss before they left.

"Ok what was that about? The only time I've ever seen you act like that was around girls." David said once thy two climbed in his truck. "That's the boy from the creek this morning David." Tommy said as his brother rolled his eyes "And where are your cape and tights captain Obvious?" David said mostly just picking in Tommy.

"You're still not answering my question, what was with all that?" David asked after several moments of silence. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Tommy said trying to sort out of his own thoughts.

"Try me" David said coaxing his brother again. "When we were across from him on the river, He looked at me for a moment...Dave I saw a life with him." Tommy said David stared at him for a moment. "You what?" He asked catching on to what had really happened adding "you imprinted on him?!"

"This has never happened before! Not with Kim, not with Kat, Not with Hayley, Not even with Jessica!" Tommy said David nodded asking "Do you understand what this means at all?" Tommy shook his head as he listened "it means you've met your soul mate."

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