Escaping an abusive ex and homophobic parents Adam Park finds himself in the small town of Miwok Valley, thanks to childhood friend Rocky Desantos and a late relatives old log cabin. What Adam finds out about his new home and friends from the nearby Indian Reservation is more life changing that just leaving home.


2. House Of Wolves

Adam and Rocky had worked for hours getting Adam settled into his new home before Rocky’s dad came to get him later that evening. This morning he was going to work on a few things like putting in applications at a few places he had seen when he and Rocky drove out to grab lunch and for Rocky to show him around the small town.

But first he decided to take a chair and walk down to the creek with his guitar to enjoy the morning a bit. With his coffee in a thermos beside the chair Adam sat the hand made acoustic guitar in his lap and for just a few minutes sat there in the quite listening to the water as it flowed over the rocks. He closed his eyes still listening, with a deep breath in he started to play.

Sierra Miwok Territory 1816

In all his life Satatogo had never feared so much for his tribe. These men storming their lands, killing their men, harming their women and children.

In the quite of the night he softly sang a chant to the spirits when he finally couldn’t find the words and just spoke from the heart.

“Spirits, these men the look like us but they are not, they do not speak like us, why do they mean to us harm? Though we have many mighty warriors, I fear they may not be enough to protect or tribe spirits, cast upon us the animal that will protect us the most.” He said listening in the distance at a wolf lets out a lone howl.

Tommy and David Trueheart had been out for their usual morning run along Cottonwood Creek. Tommy had stopped on a rock over looking the creek as his brother caught up to him noticing he had recoiled back to his human form and spoke to him telepathically.

“Little Brother you have got to learn to slow down” He looked back at David still in his wolf form as he chuckled and spoke sarcastically “Maybe you should learn to speed up”

Tommy heard a deep growl looking back at the large Grey wolf snarling and exposing his teeth Tommy spoke again “Would you stop? That’s not the first time I’ve ever said that!” David’s growling had backed off some but he still didn’t hold back leaping out knocking the distracted 20 year old into the cold mountain waters.

“Damn it David!” Tommy snapped swimming back to the shore listening to his brother laughing at him telepathically. That was when he heard the gentle strumming of a guitar. He waved David off to stop him from laughing, David took the hint and calm down. “Do you hear that?” Tommy asked making sure “Yeah Tom I do, sounds like its coming from down the creek.” Tommy gave a jump from the rock quickly launching into his wolf form then sprinting into a full on run with David hot on his tracks. As they drew closer to the sound Tommy slow down to a small crawl when the figure came into view.

He was gorgeous with raven black curls, tan skin, and almond shaped brown eyes. The feeling of being watched caused Adam to stop playing as he looked around. “I think he can sense us Tommy, we might better get out of here.” David thought to his brother. For a split second Tommy’s eyes met Adam’s a flash came before Tommy’s mind.

For a moment Tommy saw he and the raven haired beauty at David’s home curled in each others embrace Tommy turning and pressing a kiss to his forehead as he listened to the younger man speak “you are the best thing that ever happened to me” for a moment Tommy saw something else, this boy carrying his children.

“Tommy Come on!” David said finally snapping his younger brother back to reality. The two sprinted off back into the woods. Adam’s breath caught in his throat he watched two rather large wolves, one brown and one grey running off. “OK that enough guitar for today.” He said gathering his things before heading back to the house to start his day.

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