my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


12. ...

i woke up at exactly 7:00 AM ''lou wake up'' i shook him he groaned ''tour '' he jumped up ''we need to pack and figure out what to do with the dogs '' i got up and got dressed into nice clothes i put on my five nigths at freddy's springtrap shirt and jeans i styled my hair and woke jack up ''jack honey wake up we need to go on tour with daddy and the boys'' he opend his eyes slowly ''can spike came'' ''well see '' i dressed him and sent him to louis so he could do his hair i packed mine and jacks stuff up and louis did his ''what are the dogs gonna do'' i said putting the bags on the floor next to the stairs ''we got a private airplane  so we can bring the dogs'' jack ran to me ''yay spike can came  !!!'' he jumpex up and down with spike ''let's go '' we put are stuff in the car and got in the airplane  jack fell asleep so did all of us i woke up at the end when we were about to land i pettted scrappy i felt he was shaking ''it's ok scrappy im here i promise your gonna get used to it bud'' i held him tigth on me so he'll fell safe we landed and went to our dog friendly hotel i shared a room with lou and jack zayn with  hazza and niall with liam i unpacked my stuff and watched some tv with scrappy the boys where all the zayn's hotel room to watch more childish movies i was watching my classic fnaf movies/horror ill cuddle up with scrappy when he got scared i just watched througth the movie nothing ''well that was lame let's watch the ouija '' scrappy barked  a 'no ' ''ok scraps '' i rolled my eyes ''dogs'' i  put on spirit stallion of the cimarron it was my favorite movie until i was about maybe now jack soon joined me  and watched it with spike an hour passed and hazza decided to take jack to a place ''what should we do boys'' i said looking at them ''how about horror movies ''  zayn asked ''yes i love horror i know a good one it's a five nigth a freddy 3 one '' i turned netflix on and put the movie on in the middle of the movie we were all cuddled up in my room the boys almost peeing there pants me in the middle fine ''how can you not get scrared freeking animatronics are slicing peapole open '' liam said ''well ive been watching horror movies since i was 4 it's just  a topic i can't hate or be scared off '' i said keeping my eyes on the screen  ''true'' zayn verrified they all yelled when springtrap came up and sliced the staff's head off ''oh springtrap we meet again eh '' i said looking at the screen while springtrap was staring at it he opend his moutj and said 'help me' ''of couse scrappy ill help you '' the boys looked at me ''what'' they slowly looked back at the screen the movie finished as harry and jack walked in ''mommy hazza bring me to a  park with doggys so i play with spike'' ''cool jack look don't scare the boys or daddy cuz they will maybe freak out and run away '' i said smiling ''ok'' i saw jack sneak up unback oh zayn ''arg'' he said ''AHHHHHHHH'' zayn ran out of the door yelling we all laughed so did jack ''i better get zayn'' hazza said walking out we spent the rest of the day scaring the boys and chasing them turn after turn ''ok jack let's go to sleep now nigth'' i kissed him after spike and then went into mine and lou's bed ''nigth lou'' i gave him a quick kiss then set the time to 9:30 on the alarm clock then went to bed

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