my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


11. ...

''mommy wake up daddy got news'' jack said jumping on me ''tell daddy ill be there soon'' he noded and ran off i got up styled my hair and put clothes on ''what's the news '' i said walking downstairs ''well our manager said you and jack could come on tour with us and like be on the stage '' jack looked at me ''please mommy'' he said pleading ''ok'' they both did a 'yes' gosh jack is hanging out with the boys too much ''whens the tour'' ''we take the plane tomorrow and 8:30 in the morning'' i sat down and ate''i better get clean'' i walked upstairs and took my shower i got dressed ''jack bath time'' he got off of the coutch and ran to the bathroom i ran the water and put bubbles in it i watched jack until he was done ''done mommy'' i took him out and dried him off i dressed him up and dried his hair with a dry towel ''all clean for tomorrow '' i said throwing the towel on his head softly ''ya mommy i all clean'' he took the towel off and ran downstairs i sat on my bed man i miss having wolf around i missed him since he died of cancer i took my guitar and sarted playing a shawn mendes song '' let's whrite our story let's sing our song  let's hang our pictures on the wall all these precious moments that we carved in stone are only memories after all '' i sang quietly remembering that was wolf's favorite song i got up and walked downstairs ''lou can we get another dog please'' he got up ''why not since wolf died it just has'nt been the same '' i smiled and walked out i put jack in his car seat and sat in the pasengers seat ''mommy what we doing'' he asked tilting his head like  a dog ''your gonna see'' i told louis the directions to the dog pound where i got wolf we arrived and jack still din't know where we were ''hello miss malik what are you doing here '' the lady at the counter said ''were here to get another dog wolf died of cancer '' ''im very sorry miss i know you had wolf since he was a puppy '' we walked into the place with the dog i looked at one ''hey bud what are you doing here'' i said petting a middle age black and silver german sheperd ''hello miss malik '' a staff member said ''hello jeff why is this fella still here '' i asked turning around ''he still din't get  adopted '' i felt like crying i held back my tears ''why'' i said keeping my voice straigth ''his past he used to be a police dog but his bite force was too powerful '' i looked at the young dog ''what was his owners name '' ''baker plaison'' my eyes widen i knew who that guy was ''i know who he is he never treated his dogs good that's why they all ended up here half of them are his'' i looked around seeing all the same dogs ''how about we get the boys and we all get dogs one each person lou'' ''great idea'' he called the boys and they all fell in love with one of the dogs that where badly treated ''mommy can i have this one '' jack said petting a brown pitbull ''of course jack'' ''did everyone chose a dog '' i said looking around ''YEP'' they all yelled at the same time ''how about you sis'' zayn said ''well im getting this fella here '' i said turning to the dog he wagged his tail and jumped up i smiled the guy gave us the keys for the dogs cages and we all took them on a leash i was surprised how nice jack's dog was with him he was the meanest one and would attack anyone ''spiky no pulling'' jack said the dog stoped pulling and kept being nice we got home and let the dogs play i looked at how thin mine was i stroaked his fur while watching animal cops ''ill call you scrappy cuz your willing to take risks for your family and not wanting to be a leader and it's just  a cute name for you . you fit good with it'' he wagged his tail and licked me ''aww i love you too scrappy '' i kissed him i untied his collar and whrite 'scrappy' with a sharpie on it ''welcome home scrappy'' i smiled at him ''jack bed time '' scrappy got off me and i walked to jacks room he was sitting on it with spike on the end of his bed ''nigth jack'' i kissed his forehead and i kissed spike too i went to bed but locked scrappy out 

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