my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


10. .....

it makes 5 years since i had jack

''mommy i coun't wait to see daddy'' jack said climbing on the coutch ''me too i can't wait''  louis came in ''daddy'' jack got down and ran into louis arms ''hey bud'' louis closed the door and sat next to me ''hello princess'' he said ''hello my prince'' i kissed him ''ew'' jack said i laughed ''let's go play outside bud'' louis said getting up ''i rafe you daddy'' they ran outside i watched as louis kep rolling on the floor jack took his water fun and started attacking lou i kep laughing i looked at wolfs bed and saw he was'nt there he's always there i walked around the house and saw wolf laying on the floor usaly he would of been with louis and jack outside ''lou im gonna bring wolf to the vet '' i yelled picking wolf up ''ok'' he yelled back after he screamed like a girl cuz jack took the hose and sprayed lou i got at the vet and got called in ''miss im afraid wolf is suffering from cancer he tomorrow is his day '' i felt a tear escape ''ok can he spend his last day with us'' i said ''of course he will be less stressed '' i picked up wolf and brang him into the car i got home and they were watching paw patrole ''bad news wolf has cancer his day is tomorrow '' i said as i put wolf down into his bed we took care of wolf the rest of the day i went to sleep and woke up i ran down to wolf jack was petting him ''mommy why does wolf not ok '' jack said ''he's very sick and he can't get better this time '' i said crying we pasted the last moment with wolf until he left ''i wish i knew why dogs don't live as long as humans'' i cried ''i know why '' jack said ''why'' louis asked ''it's that we are born needing to leafn ho to love but dogs aleready knuw how to love '' i nodded ''and wolf did his job by loving us'' i picked wolf up and we took him to the vet 

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