my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


9. .....

it's finaly the day i could leave the nurse helped me up ''have a great jurney miss'' she said ''thx'' i walked out the other boys where in the car louis was walking with me i put jack in his seat one thing came on a few times jack fell asleep while one thing was on ''awww he loves one thing '' we arrived at the new flat i walked in and everything was aleready place i placed jack in his room and went on the coutch wolf layed on my lap like what he did when he was a pup louis sat next to me i layed my head on his shoulder i heard a little cry and got up i walked into jacks room ''it's ok jack '' i looked at him his eyes were the cutest ever i took jack and brang him into the living room ''dada'' he mumbled ''he's a fast talker'' louis said inpressed ''dada '' jack said louis held him  and sang one thing to him as he slowly fell asleep i smiled 

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