my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


8. .......

i was now 9 months pregnant and today we were moving into the new flat we were in the car ''boys my water broke '' i said in pain louis stopped at the nearest hospital they brang me i only remember extream pain the nurse gave me my son he had brown eyes like me and brown hair like louis i help him in my arms i was crying

----louis pov---

i waited in the hallways with the boys ''mr tomlinson '' the nurse said ''yea'' i said getting up ''you can come in '' i got up and walked into  the room i walked to the chair and sat down''he's handsome'' i said smiling i held him tigth ''what are we gonna call him '' sarah said ''i was thinking about the name jack '' i said as he opend his eyes ''you read my mine ... jack dewey tomlinson'' i smiled ''perfect '' ''visit time is over mr tomlinson '' i gave jack to sarah and i walked out he was perfect my hair sarah's eyes 

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