my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


7. ....

i woke up i was bigger than before i was 5 weeks pregnant i opend my ipod and saw lou texted me 

''coming home today can't wait to see you xD '' -l

''i can't wait too im so happy we decided to keep the baby'' -s

''me too were gonna need to find a bigger flat tho''-l

''we can cheack them out when you get here'' -s

''good ok ill see you in a bit bye love''-l

''ok bye boobear''-s

i watched jake paul until the boys came home louis barged in running from the boys ''i win'' louis shouted as the boys got in the kitchen ''had a good time boys'' i said pausing my video and getting up ''yep this time lou was fine'''zayn said i heard the tv play ''wolf '' i turned around and took away the remote and paused the video ''so hows my baby's '' louis said walking over ''pretty good im now 5 weeks pregnant '' lou smiled i smiled back ''oh we got a guest btw'' zayn said opening the door ''hey'' i heard a voice say i turned around ''omg shawn mendes is here thz so much guys '' i hugged them all ''im a big fan your my idol '' i said trying not to fangirl we spend the rest of the day with shawn he left at nigth i went to sleep with louis 

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