my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


6. ...

i woke up with a bad head ache and feeling crappy i turned around and looked at louis i kissed him then his eyes opend i loved his blue eyes he was perfect ''morning boobear'' i said smiling ''morning sunshine'' i got up and went to the shower i put on theres nothing holding me back by shawn mendes that guy was my idol i got out and let my hair dry i put on my 8 below shirt with all the dogs with the names ontop of them i put yoga pants on and walked downstairs i gave wolf his food then i took his water bowl and filled it up ''down wolf'' i said walking past he sat down and i put his water down i ran to the bathroom and vomit the boys all left on tour i was home alone with wolf 

-----1 week later------

i was still vomiting i was never sick for this long usaly when im sick it lasts 1-2 days i walked to the bathroom and took the pregnancy tests my mom had i did it and left it for about 5 mins i looked back and it said 1 week pregnant i chucked the test and called louis he picked up at the first ring ''louis i have something to say '' i was crying ''what is it'' he said i took singhed and spat it out ''im pregnant '' i cried ''how long '' he said paniqued ''1 week '' shit that was when we all got drunk ''shit '' i sat down and petted wolf ''wait until i come back ill be back in a few weeks '' he said ''ok bye lou'' ''bye princess'' i hung up and petted wolf i could count on wolf to make me feel better he was my best friend i took ipod and texted travis

''hey trav i got news come to my house plz''-s

''ok im on my way''-trav

i waited on the coutch until the door ran i opend it and sat down with travis ''trav im pregnant '' i cried ''it's ok did you tell lou'' he said putting his arm over my shoulder ''yea'' ''was he angry....'' ''atualy  he din't sound angry or ashamed ''  we sat on the coutch and watched some movies ''i better go home '' trav said ''yea i don't want you to miss out on loads of stuff'' ''bye '' he kissed my head and left ''bye'' 

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