my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


5. ...

i woke up with wolf on the end of my bed i missed when he was a small little pup i sat up and pet him i got up and styled my bed head hair ''were home'' louis shouted it makes 6 years and i still din't break up with lou i can tell it was meant to be i got dressed quick '' louis'' i yelled and kissed him ''how was the tour  boys '' i said backing up '' pretty good the only bad thing is that louis was always complaining he missed you '' hazza said ''awwwww i missed my boobear too '' i blushed ''how about we have a mini party to celabrate the day you guys both became a couple'' liam said i forgot it was today ''yass '' i said jumping they all left to get stuff me and louis stayed home watching the lion king i cry everytime simba's dad dies  i watched the rest of the movie not crying we finished the movie as the boys walked in they had wine,food everything to have a great time we watched a few other movies but we were blocked after watching loads of kid movies ''i know what we can watch '' i ran up to my room and got my favorite movie of all times 8 below i ran downstairs ''let's watch 8 below '' i put the cd in and sat next to louis we reached the part  when dewey  dies i cried at that part cuz he was my favorite dog i cried when old jack died too i cried until the end when they find the dogs and bring them home ''r.i.p dewey and old jack '' i said crying ''it always makes her cry cuz she loved dogs and wolf kinda looks like old jack sometimes she calls him old jack'' i wiped my tears away '' we should eat and get the party started '' zayn said as he got up and got the food  we laughed the nigth and even got kinda drunk i started kissing louis we had no controle he brang me up to my room  he locked the door (not gonna tell you anything else i do not feel like describing it 

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