my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


4. .....

i woke up on the coutch pizza boxes everywhere i got up and ate an apple i went on my phone and saw pictures from yesterday nigth i saw a few pictures trav took of me and louis kissing i remembers he dared me to kiss him but it was only to kiss me man that boy must really love me i ran upstairs and took a shower i sang don't want you love by shawn mendes ''don't want your love want your love but i just can't get enougth don't want your love want your love but i just can't get enougth you mess me up ....'' i sang  i got out replaying the song over and over again i sounded like him when i sang his songs i got out and blowdried my hair until the power went out i opend the flashligth on my ipod and got dressed i ran downstairs and say candles on each table ligthing up the place ''power went out''  zayn said ''shit'' i said walking upstairs with a candle i heard louis come in '' i dare you too kiss me love '' he said putting the candle down ''dare accepted '' i kissed him and it went deeper we kissed until the ligths came back on ''i love you lou'' i said pulling away from the kiss he smiled i din't want to hide it tho ''zayn is gonna kill you tho'' i said looking up at louis ''he won't if he knew you loved me '' he said before kissing me again ''LOUIS'' zayn yelled from the door i pulled away quickly ''zayn please let me be with him '' i told zayn as louis walked out zayn shut the door ''you can't be with him i told you i don't want to chose out of friend of family '' no but zayn-'' he cut me off ''no'' he said before getting up ''zayn i don't have to follow your orders ever since mom and dad died you've been keeping me away from having fun'' he turned around ''zayn please i want to be with louis'' he looked at me ''fine'' i got up and hugged him i opend the door and the boys fell into my room i giggled ''you may get up boys'' i said laughing ''what's going on here '' niall said eating they all got up and left i only wanted louis to stay i closed the door and smashed my lips into his ''ive been waiting for this my hole life'' he said smiling i pulled away and went downstairs 

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