my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


3. ...

i tried to sleep but i hated thunder storms i walked downstairs and i saw louis on the coutch watching stuff ''you can't sleep too'' he said going thru the chanels '' yep '' i sat down next to him i layed my head on his shoulder ''i knew it'' louis said smiling i blushed for the first time ever i looked up as we leaned in to kiss zayn came in ''sup guys '' i we moved are head away as zayn went on the chair ''you too you can't sleep'' i said looking at zayn half asleep ''the thunder is too loud and i need my sleep '' the other boys came in ''you too '' louis said surprised ''too loud '' they all said ''im hungry'' niall complained as they all sat down ''i know what to do we should play  a dare game and we have to accept the dare'' i said they shook their heads ''sounds good '' we all sat down in a circle '' zayn your start '' i said ''i dare louis to run outside in his boxers '' ''dare accepted '' he said trying not to sound like a wimp ''you sure im gonna be fine after this'' louis said i pushed him out after 10 seconds he was soaked we got towels and trew them on louis ''that was cold like really cold '' he said running up to his room he got changed and came back downstairs ''your turn lou'' zayn said ''hmmm i dare sarah to kiss me '' i felt my cheeks burn i leaned in and we kissed he din't want to stop i pulled away i ''i think zayn knows you did that only cuz you really wanted to kiss me '' i wisperd in his ear ''me too '' he wisperd back ''ok your turn sarah '' zayn said in an angry tone '' i dare you to try and stuff your hole mouth with marshemallows like the chubby bunny challenge '' i said his eyes lit up ''dare accepted!!'' he ran over to the kitchen and stuffed two hole marshmallows bag in his mouth without chewing ''inpressive '' i said clapping my hands we played the dare game the rest of the nigth it was akward bettween louis and zayn

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