my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


2. ...

i got in the car with zayn and we met the boys at home i changed into contfy clothes ''hey love'' louis said at my door i was on my bed with wolf next to me''wasup lou'' i said playing on my phone '' why wasup you know you want me'' he said coming in '' lou get away from my sister'' zayn yelled i loved how he never wanted the boys to flirt with me i admit i do love louis abit but he flirts very bad its boring how the boys always stay here they all have rooms in here but there never at there place lou walked away and i closed the door ''boys '' i rolled my eyes and sat down next to wolf ''i love you wolfie '' i said petting him 

i walked downstairs when the door rang ''hey trav'' i said as i opend the door travis was my best friend since kinder garden ''hey sarah''  he came in he had a room too ''i got kicked out '' he said ''you can stay here trav i'd love having my bestie with me '' i said as we walked to his room wolf jumped on him wagging his tail ''hey wolfie'' travis said petting wolf he went into his room i walked downstairs and sat on the coutch next to zayn ''what's for super zaynie'' i said styling his messy black hair  obviously niall heard me ''PIZZA'' niall yelled slaming the door behind him ''pizza where '' travis yelled from his room ''im ordoring pizza tell me what ya want ''  they all said diffrent types ''ok ill take one of every type of pizza you have and large '' zayn hung up all our mouths were open ''it's not a pizza party without loads of pizza rigth'' he said we all sat on the coutch i was next to zayn trav and liam while louis and niall were on the floor we put on a horror movie 

the door bell rang they were all paranoid i got up ''careful there's maybe a killer'' trav shouted i opend the door ''pizza '' i paid the guy and put all the pizza down we all sat on the floor eating pizza i opend my ipod and got a text by a friend ''boys no school for the week seems like its suposed to rain alot and have thunder storms tonigth and the rest of the week '' i said turning my phone off we all jumped up when we heard thunder ''well im not going home'' travis said ''good idea

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