my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


1. ....

being zayn malik's twin sister could be so hard all his friends are crushing on me mostly louis......boys


i woke up late forgetting it was the first day of school i looked at my alarm clock 8:49 shit school starts in a few minutes i jumped out of bed and took a quick shower i dried my short boy hair and styled it sometimes i could really look like zayn with my hair i styled it to the left ''perfect'' i said looking into the mirror i walked into my closet and put on a shirt whrited 'can't i have plans with my husky'' on it with a picture of my husky i put on black jeans with socks i ran downstairs ''8:56 '' i said to myself i took a mini apple ''ready to go sarah'' zayn said at the door ''yep'' i put my sneakers on and my vest ''bye wolf'' i said kissing my black husky's head i got in the car with zayn and we left to school i put on some music and jammed to believe by shawn mendes 

we got there we went to the office and got our sceduals we met louis harry niall and liam at the lockers i was in the same clases as lou ''one math with mr jack god i hate that teacher'' louis said ''yeah he's the worst'' i said back ''what about you zaynie'' i said looking at my other clases ''chemistry'' i looked at his sheat '' man your lucky you got math at the last'' the first bell rang me and lou went to our classes i sat next to lou ''hello class'' mr jack said ''today we are learning fractions'' he said ''sure denis'' i said ''its mr jack its not denis to you to him to her its mr jack in here ok !!!!!!!!!'' he yelled ''calm down '' i said 

the hole day was boring 

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