Wolf Love

I've been stuck in my own house ever since I was a kid. I want to find someone that understands me. I want someone that will love me for who I am. Even if I can't look them in the eye.


4. Six Years Later

"Aaron!" I run up the mountain trying to find him. "Aaron!" I keep on yelling. Snow was everywhere. I couldn't see anything. "Aaron!" I turn around and see my best friend at the edge of the cliff with Aaron ready to jump. I turn and see Zack trying to get to me. But, the wolves were keeping him at bay.

"Don't you dare take another step! You do that and I'll make him jump!" She snarled at me with her blue wolf ears lying flat on her head. Her blue eyes full of anger. "You took everything away from me! I knew something was wrong when you had your ears on during that fight! Something was off! Now here you are. About to pay for what you did to me!" She takes out a knife and starts to walk to me. She turns and smiles.

"Take this and kill her!" She handed Aaron the knife. "As you wish," he said. His blue eyes were now red. Red for a rare Ruby. He ran to me and started to slash the knife at me. "This is what you get for being in my life! No ONE deserves you for what you are! You are an Ultima! And Ultimas don't belong in this world! They are creatures that kill and hurt! Why are you even here!? You never told me what you really were!" he kept on slashing the knife at me.

"Aaron.... Does he mean all that..." he grabs the knife and stabs it om my stomach. 'Am I too late?...' I thought to myself.


I get up. Around me was the human she-wolf. She cured me and gave me something to drink. "Go! Go before it is too late!" she takes hold of me. "If his eyes turn back to his normal color it is too late!" she lets go of me. "GO!" I take the glass of water drink it in one second and head out running. 'No time to waste... even if I might... bleed to death...' I loose my balance and hold on to a tree. I take deep breaths and start running again.

"Aaron!" I start to call out again.

"You just won't stop will you?" I turn and see her there. She held a knife. "You made him do this!" my ears were defiantly out. Along with my eyes. "I did. And I'll have to do the work." She ran with a sword at her hand. She's... she's.... She cuts a deep wound on my chest and stomach. I fall. I jump up and get out my sword.

"Not today!"

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