Wolf Love

I've been stuck in my own house ever since I was a kid. I want to find someone that understands me. I want someone that will love me for who I am. Even if I can't look them in the eye.


2. High School

I was walking down the street when I bumped into a freshman. 

"Hey, watch where you're going!" I told him. I know I know. I was really mean on my first day of school. I'm a werewolf and I can't control myself sometimes.

"Well, sorry! You don't know who you're messing with!" He shot back. He had blue eyes and tannish skin. He also had black hair.

'He doesn't know who he is talking to," I thought to myself.

I walked away and found myself stuck in the hallways wondering how many kids are there in the school. I had spent most of middle school around a few kids learning how to control my eyes.


It is now about a month from that day and I'm getting the hang of it. That kid that I made "friends" with, his name is Aaron. He is really kind and shy. But, ever since that day, we became enemies.

But, I am sure that there is more to him than I think. In my school, you learn how to do witchcraft and there are werewolves here. But, normal ones. Not... ultimas.

I got wolf class with him at the end of the day and he is really bad at it. I am good in that class due to the fact that I need to learn more about being a werewolf.

It's the end of the day. The bell has rung and I was walking to my house.

"Hey, how'd your first month of school went?"

Evie: "It went great... just that this boy and we don't get along very well."

Kk: "I see... don't worry... just get the best of him out and you'll be friends with him in no time! Just talk to him how you talk to me! :D"

Evie: "Easy for you to say.... I'm not actually talking to you"

Kk: "What if you are a potato!? :P  I mean I haven't seen you in real life so... what if this whole time I've been talking to a potato!?"

Evie: "pffu!"

Kk: "You laughed! :3"

Evie: "Ok ok. You made my day. Play with you later?"

Kk: "Sure."

I looked up. "Zara! I'm glad that I found you in time... can you help me? I.. some werewolves have been making fun of me and my friend..."

I looked at her. "No one messes with my friends!" I walked out and used my nose to sniff out the ones that have been making fun of my friend.

I found them cornering a kid to a wall.

"Give all your money! Or else!"

"Or else what!?" I yelled at the kid that was talking. "Leave him alone and you won't get hurt!"

"What is this little cat doing here?" he said with a wicked smile.

"I said stay back!" he threw himself at me. I turned into my werewolf from and started fighting him off. At the end of the fight, he was limping off with most of the wounds on him than on me.

I flattened my ears on my hair and yelled at him. "Leave my friends alone!"
I looked at him and turned myself back into my human form. "Are you Ok kid?" I turn to see who I had saved from that wood brained werewolf.


"I am glad that I was able to help. I have to go before I get into trouble." I started to limp away.

"Wait I want to help!" he got up and started to help me walk. I didn't protest. I was into much pain to do so.

When we got home, which seemed like an eternity for me, I told him that I was ok and that I can take care of myself.

"Let me help to heal you. I'm so sorry for what happened today. I'm supposed to play with a friend today but, she'll understand me when I tell her that I had to help a friend."

My eyes widen when I heard that.


He looked at me.


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