Wolf Love

I've been stuck in my own house ever since I was a kid. I want to find someone that understands me. I want someone that will love me for who I am. Even if I can't look them in the eye.


5. Awake

"You will never save him!" those were her last words as a Werewolf. After that, she was a human. "NO! NO! KILL ME BUT, NOT THIS!!" I fell on the snow. I get up and start walking to where Zack and the others were holding Aaron down.

"Let him go," I told them. "But.... he'll" Zack started to say. "I said let him go!" He did. Aaron came running. Trying to kill me. Then everything goes black. 

"You will never save him!" Her words echoed nowhere from everywhere in the dark.

"You will never save him! You will never save him! You will never save him! You will save him! You will NEVER save him!"

I get up as fast as I could from the bed. I look around trying to find Aaron. "Aaron?! AARON!?" I look around again and try to get up. "Calm down baby sis... he's Ok," said a boy next to her. He held her down. "I want to see him... how can I trust you to know if he is Ok?! I saw everything! I lost him!...I lost him!..." my hands buried my face. I started to sob. "I need to see him!" I get out the bed.

"Sis!" I instantly feel a sharp pain. I fall. Then I remembered nothing.

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