im sheep my hole life ive been with my owner he's the best ill never let him go he brings me everywhere we were truly meant to be but will one accident change our lives i can't live without him


4. ...


-----1 week later-----

--travis's pov---

i woke up in my bed i was free the bite was'nt that bad ''mom can i at least go saw bye to sheep'' i said walking down with my i love my dog shirt on and the black jeans sheep always slobers on ''ok hunny we can go but not for long'' she said i ate my food and looked down at sheeps ginormus bed i walked outside and got in the car 

we got there and i ran in ''hello can i see sheep '' i asked the person at the desk ''go on '' i ran to his cage and went in ''im sorry sheep it was all my fault your here i knew you were angry i should of never hugged you '' i said crying into his fur as i hugged him ''i love you my slober machine'' i said pulling away i could tell my dog was sad '' travis it's time to go '' my mom said i got up but sheep took my shirt *stay ... stay with me trav* he barked ''mom i won't go i have to stay '' i said sitting back down ''HE'S A MONSTER TRAVIS HE COULD KILL YOU'' my mom shouted ''you know maybe it's just you  maybe your the monster you always made excuses to get sheep away i think im gonna move out with my dog'' i said smiling ''ugh fine then keep him'' she said walking away '' i get to keep you bud'' i gave him a hive five then walked out with him ''in'' he jumped in the car

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