im sheep my hole life ive been with my owner he's the best ill never let him go he brings me everywhere we were truly meant to be but will one accident change our lives i can't live without him


3. ...

-----travis's pov-----

i woke up at the hospital with very bad pain in my rigth shoulder i saw my mother at the other end of the room i looked around i saw no sheep ''mom where's sheep'' i said paniqued she looked up ''he bit you '' she said angry i cried ''it was'nt his fault it was mine'' i said crying harder ''it was his fault i told you not to get a big dog your lucky i accepted him'' she said i looked at her shaking my head ''where is he'' i said sitting up '' at the pund next week he's leaving'' she said walking out the room ''I WANT MY DOG '' i yelled crying she knows he's my best friend i can't bare knowing he's maybe scared and stressed

----sheep's pov----

i stayed on my bed in the little pen i was in ''next week sheep is getting put down no buts he's going '' the head vet yelled i was stressed and scared i wanted to see my buddy i needed to see my buddy it's meant to be i don't want to leave i want to stay and ill do anything to stay im happy with him it was an accident 

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