im sheep my hole life ive been with my owner he's the best ill never let him go he brings me everywhere we were truly meant to be but will one accident change our lives i can't live without him


2. ...

i ran around the barn with the other dogs ''sheep'' i heard travis yell i ran to him '' go find the lost pig bud '' i ran off smelling for him i found his trail as i followed it a dog was eating it i got so angry that was my best pig friend i bit the dog in the leg one chance it was a wolf instead of dog i washed off the blood in the snow and walked back home i sat infront of travis he was this type of dog wisper guy thing ''a wolf ate him'' i barked ''shit we were to late it's not your fault bud its mine '' he hugged me i dont know why but i bit his shoulder i backed up he was full of blood ''SHEEP'' travis's mom yelled at me as she called the cops ''yes my son's dog bit him yes we need to get him away the dog he's dangerous'' she yelled at the cop i kep backing up until i heard the police and an ambulance ''it's ok sheep '' a police officer said trying to get a thing over me my tail went inbetween my legs i backed up until i was traped he put the role around my neck i followed him in the truc i got in and layed down 

what did i do im a monster i never wantes to hurt him.. i whined the hole trip 

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